Weekly Favorites: Cozy Details for November

We just had quite the temperature drop here in Wisconsin... and as the Starks correctly and repeatedly say, "Winter is coming." With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of my favorites for staying warm and cozy.

Blanket Scarves

These are hardly a new trend, but I still love them all of the same. I found the one below at Target for a really affordable price. So cozy! This one in particular features the perfect pattern that I have been trying to find for ages.

Copper Thermos

I got a gift card for Starbucks a few months ago. Not being a huge fan of their coffee, I decided to get this copper thermos instead and I love it. Talk about the most chic and stylish coffee thermos EVER.

Life Lately - Cozy Details for November

Knitted Hat with Fur Pom

It makes me sad to say it but I feel I must - NO I did not knit this. Although I so SO wish that I had. I am definitely using this hat for inspiration for creating my very own knitting patterns though.

Weekly Favorites: Cozy Details

Have a great weekend! 
-xo, Rachel

Living Room Update: Mallard Area Rug

The new rug has been added to the living room, and I am really happy with it. I can now completely confirm that getting a rug pad is a MUST. It makes a world of difference when it comes to keeping the rug anchored and in place.

A Detailed Palette - Living Room Update: Mallard Area Rug

Below, you can see more of the rug from another angle, along with the three stockings that I got for Christmas... I've started decorating a little bit early this year. I just could not help myself.

A Detailed Palette - Eclectic Living Room

So far, we are huge fans of the rug. The only negative that I have noticed is that the rug pad itself was quite smelly when it was first out of the package and the smell continued to linger for a day. Now, I've either gotten used to it or it has dissipated.

I'm hoping that this rug, with it's darker color, stands up better to high traffic and dirt. It's already been Reggie-approved.

A Detailed Palette - New Rug is Reggie Approved

Have a lovely Monday!
xo, Rachel

Area Rug Update

After weeks of searching, I have finally found a new rug, and I am so excited to see how it looks in the apartment! I actually went a different route than the three options that I originally shared. After continuing to read some reviews, I decided against any of the jute options. It just didn't seem like the right fit for my space or for Reggie. In fact, I am pretty confident that he would have destroyed any jute rugs due to the texture.

Maybe unsurprisingly, I decided to go with a green color - the actual color itself is called Mallard.

New Rug - A Detailed Palette

I tend to gravitate towards neutrals a lot, but wanted to do something different this time around and actually bring more color. This is one color that I think will work really well everything else, from the gallery wall to the black armchair. You never really know though until it's actually in the space so my fingers are crossed. 

Home - A Detailed Palette

I also ordered a rug pad this time around, something I thought I could do without for the first rug. I have to say that I have since regretted that choice and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a rug to also get a complementing rug pad. It helps to actually keep the rug in place and to provide a little bit more cushion under foot. As I am limited to flat weave rugs (as Reggie has shown a penchant for destroying more plush options), a rug pad will help to make the flat weave a bit more plush feeling. I found that without the pad to keep it in place, our rug was almost constantly being stretched and was never flat as it continued even with a rather heavy coffee table on it.

I am really looking forward to the new area rug! I'll be posting an update as soon as it arrives! Have a great Wednesday!
-xo, Rachel

On Trend: Plant Walls

I recently visited a friend's home - she's just recently moved with her family to this mid-century modern home. While I loved the layout and overall style, I also love something new that they themselves had added - a wall of open shelving featuring nothing but different types of plants. It's such a cool idea and one that adds a bit of life to any space, even one that's maybe shorter on the square-footage. Plus, there are a lot of ways to execute this idea so it always seems to feel fresh and not overdone, which is not something that can be said for very many trends. I wasn't able to get a picture of her plant wall, but thought I would share some of my other favorites.

I love the mix of greens, neutrals, and blues that's happening in the set up below. The minimal shelving complements the abundance of decor perfectly.

Plant Wall - A Detailed Palette


The example below is much more simple, but still beautiful. I especially love the plant on the top shelf that is actually part of the shelf, you can see that there was actually a hole created just for this specific plant - a really great touch.



This plant wall is perhaps a bit more wild than the other two, but I still love it. The variety of plants just makes the space feel so lively and vibrant.



Weekly Favorites: Wool And The Gang

l have been meaning to get some yarn from Wool and the Gang for a while, but I wanted to make sure that I had a project in mind beforehand, as it's better quality yarn than your standard options (with a price point to match, of course.) That said, I have not been disappointed by this yarn by any means. I absolutely love it, and I am so excited to create something new with it.

Get Your Knit On - A Detailed Palette
Favorites - Yarn from Wool and the Gang
Yarn from Wool and the Gang - A Detailed Palette

Despite not being able to find a free pattern anywhere, I am going to attempt to make a fair isle hat - the kind that looks like there are tiny hearts dispersed throughout the hat with a large pom-pom to top it off. I've just started and have already encountered some challenges along the way. That said, I am going to be creating my own pattern for this project and will share as soon as the hat is complete, and I am done making adjustments.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

My Home's Air Quality

If you're like me, you haven't put much thought into the quality of the air you are breathing in. In fact, I think it's something that most of us take for granted - that our air is clean and just totally fine without any sort of device to spend money on. A few months ago, Andy started talking about getting an air purifier. As he is one who rarely buys anything at all, I was incredibly surprised and figured I'd hear him out on why he wanted to purchase one.

Air Purifier - A Detailed Palette

It turns out that air purifiers can really help with managing pet dander. Reggie sheds A LOT. Our space gets dirty quickly - we basically will get what I call "tumbleweeds of Reggie hair" just rolling around if we don't stay vigilant about sweeping and dusting... and let's be honest, those are annoying things to be vigilant about. The dander, though, does extend beyond the floors and is definitely in the air whether we can see it or not. 

Air purifiers may also be a good choice in rentals - this was another reason why we decided to go for it and purchase one. If you live in a rental, chances are you didn't make most, if any, of the design choices. You don't really know where a lot of things came from or what sort of quality a lot of the materials are. You just don't really know with a rental beyond what you can see at face value - which isn't always the full story. 

So we went for it and got an air purifier. While I have no actual evidence that it works, I feel like it really has helped me breathe easier (sneezing less, snoring less, sweeping less, etc.). Of course, I'm aware this could all be in my head and a total placebo effect,  but I found the topic of air quality in our homes to be one that is sorely missing unbiased opinion. 

Would love to know your thoughts on air purifiers! In the meantime, have an awesome Thursday! 

Top Area Rug Picks

The time has come for a new rug. While I love the pattern of the area rug I currently have, it was probably a bit ambitious to pick an option that had white on it... even if it was just a little bit of white. While the material of the rug has held up well, the white part of the pattern just has not, what with a dog and people forgetting to take off their shoes (myself included).

I am currently looking for a new rug to replace the one I currently have. A few options have stood out among the rest, although I am still trying to narrow it down.

Jute Rug

I love the look of this rug and the lighter color, and I definitely feel like it could withstand dirt. That said, I am worried about the texture and how it would actually feel on bare feet. Reggie has also never been exposed to this material so I am not sure if he'd be good with it or not. Finally, I read some reviews saying that jute rugs shed a lot. So while I love the look of this rug, I am not ready to commit. Have any of you had a jute rug? If so, did you experience any of these issues?

Top Area Rug Picks - A Detailed Palette

Navy Rug

While I think a dark navy could work, I am not sure if this color is right for the space as it is. That said, I love how this rug looks to have an almost knitted appearance, and I don't think Reggie would destroy it.

Top Area Rug Picks - A Detailed Palette

I also really like the above rug in a gray color, but I am worried that the color is to light and that I again will have issues with the rug getting too dirty and constantly having to clean it.

Area Rug Picks - A Detailed Palette

Still undecided for the time being, but hoping to narrow it down soon. Have a great Monday!

Weekly Favorites Vol.1

I knew that I wanted a poncho before I kicked off my wardrobe capsule. I figured it would be the perfect sweater for lounging about the house and that I could even wear it to work for casual Fridays. I do find ponchos to be tricky to shop for though, as most of them just look much too large to the point where I feel like I am just wearing a bag. I found the one below at TJ Maxx. While oversized, it's thankfully not to the bag-like point as I mentioned above. Ever since I have gotten it, I have found myself basically living in it.

TJ Maxx Poncho - Favorites - A Detailed Palette

The TJ Maxx Knitted Poncho isn't too boxy, as it as you can see below, and it is so comfortable and cozy, making it perfect for a brisk fall day.

TJ Maxx Poncho - Favorites - A Detailed Palette

I have also been loving this new J Crew Pale Pink Cable Knit Sweater. It's essentially my "dream sweater" with cable knit design and a soft blush pink that doesn't wash me out. It was 40% off so I snatched it up right before my fall wardrobe capsule kicked in. Now that I am attempting to dress with my limited capsule, this is one piece that really stands out as a favorite. It pairs so beautifully with so many different colors and styles.

J Crew Blush Pink Sweater - Favorites - A Detailed Palette

Colectivo Spiced Hot Apple Cider: Unfortunately, this one is limited to those who are in Milwaukee and Madison, but I am convinced that there is no better Spiced Apple Cider out there. It is SO GOOD. It's also seasonal, so there's no time like the present if you want some for yourself.

Passion Planner: I had one of these last year, due to winning an Instagram giveaway. For 2016, I went with another brand planner, but I found myself really missing the Passion Planner. I actually can't wait for 2017 to officially be here so that I can start using the passion planner once again.

Gray Walls + White Trim + Wainscoting + Wood Floors: When I have an actual house of my own, this is what I am going for. You just can't beat this starting point (ignore the rest of the decor below, focus on walls, ceilings, and floors). There are so many decorating possibilities with elegant and tranquil starting point like this.



Wainscoting is a pretty traditional design element, but I love how it adds just such a polished, put together touch to any space. It's also a feature that can blend in well with more modern designs which is exactly how I'd use it in a home.

Have a great weekend!
-xo, Rachel

General Decorating Tips

Tips for Decorating - A Detailed Palette

Decorating or maybe even interior styling seems to be something that can be kind of tricky for some people. I have gotten a few questions about it on Instagram so I thought I'd share a few general tips that I think most people can apply to their space, no matter the style or the square footage.

Embrace the Editing Process

As with many things, we usually want instant gratification. We want to have our spaces completely decorated and finished quickly so that we can get back to other things on our to do list and just enjoy the space. While I do think every home should be a joy to be in, I don't know that being completely finished decorating can ever be truly accomplished. I say embrace the editing/refresh process. I generally style something and leave it for a few days - if there's something off about it, I edit. I add a few things, maybe move other pieces else where. Maybe the layout isn't quite as aesthetically appealing as I thought or maybe it's just not practical. Whatever the case, I come back and edit as the days pass, and I eventually get it set up exactly how I want it for the time being. Don't be afraid to revisit previously styled/decorated nooks with a new eye. I have done this a few times for both the console table behind the sofa and the bar cart.

Pay Attention to the Color Palette

If you have different styles, using color as a theme throughout the space is the easiest way to keep the room feeling cohesive. Sticking to a color palette also helps to give more order. A really good rule of thumb is the 70-20-10 rule - 70% of the space being the primary color (usually neutral) and the others (20% and 10%) being the bolder accent colors. This acts as a way to keep your color usage in check and also in balance. This doesn't mean that you can only have three colors, but limiting your spaces to three main colors is usually a good call.

Always Be Practical

Don't style things only for the sake of how they look - it's not going to work out in the long run. Consider flow and just be practical about placement. Something that you use every day maybe shouldn't be difficult to reach. Maybe you shouldn't stack items on top of a pile of books that you actually want to read.

Don't Forget About Your Angles!

It might sound like advice straight out of America's Next Top Model, but consider angles and how things group together when styling. Everything should have a flow and should be visually interesting (meaning there should be some diversity going on). You don't want everything to be placed the same way, have the same texture, or to have the same lines. Juxtaposition is key to decorating and interior styling.

That's all - I hope that these aren't too basic or general so as to be unhelpful... hopefully they instead apply to many of you and can help you when organize and styling your home.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Life Lately: October 2016

Holy Hill - A Detailed Palette

After taking an unintended hiatus, I figured an update is in order. 

I can now cross the trip to Holy Hill off of my fall bucket list. We went on a Friday right after work which proved to be a good call because it was less busy. I actually made it up to the observatory tower this time around because there wasn't a line. I admittedly didn't make it all the way to the top - I always underestimate my fear of heights, but it became really apparent as we got further up. I stopped at a few different vantage points to take in the view and get a few photos.

Holy Hill - A Detailed Palette
Holy Hill - A Detailed Palette
Holy Hill - A Detailed Palette

I traveled to LA for a work event/tradeshow. After the event wrapped up, we were all treated to a concert featuring X Ambassadors, who were great to see live.

X Ambassadors - A Detailed Palette
X Ambassadors - A Detailed Palette

I am also happy to share that the knitted throw blanket is almost done! October is just going to be a crazy busy month overall. Heading to Chicago later in the month for my friend's wedding... excited for the trip!


Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

I've decided to build a capsule wardrobe for fall! I've done a capsule wardrobe before and really liked it - unfortunately though, I often felt like I was just wearing the same thing over and over. I am going to give it another shot since I just so love the overarching goal of creating one. A capsule wardrobe is really all about living more simply/with a more minimalistic approach. So how do you even build one? You par down your wardrobe and select 37 pieces. This includes shoes and accessories. Ideally, all 37 pieces will  work together and coordinate so you can create many different looks. There is also a strict no shopping rule when you have a capsule wardrobe, which I am all for and probably need. Too often I buy off of impulse as opposed to there being an actual gap in my wardrobe. And finally... you're supposed to keep to those 37 pieces for 3 months.I don't know if this would be possible for me, just in terms of seasons. So I've decided to do this through October and November and restructure once winter arrives (which, let's face it, could really be any time after October).

I have my 37 pieces selected. I had some fun going through my go-to outfits with this capsule. 

Blush Pink + Gold

Blush Pink and Gold Outfit - Capsule Wardrobe - A Detailed Palette

Emerald Green + Black

Emerald Green and Black Outfit - Capsule Wardrobe - A Detailed Palette

Dark Floral + Blazer

Dark Floral Outfit - Capsule Wardrobe - A Detailed Palette

Burgundy + Cognac

Burgundy and Cognac Outfit - Capsule Wardrobe - A Detailed Palette

DIY Knitted Pillow Case

Happy Thursday! It has been far too long since I have last shared/completed a DIY project. With fall's arrival, I am happy to say that I am making knitting more of a priority. I have found that knitting while watching football games has been the perfect combination - although I admittedly have messed up and dropped some stitches during the more intense Packer games. Anyway, I have finished the knitted basketweave pillow case! I'm happy to report that it wasn't too time consuming or too difficult. I think this is my favorite knitting project to date - I love when I can find a way to combine knitting and home decor!

Knitted basket weave pillow case - A Detailed Palette
Free Basketweave Pillowcase Knitting Pattern - A Detailed Palette

I have really been into greens lately - I chose this yarn color (Caron Simply Soft in Sage) originally for my throw blanket and decided it would only make sense to have the throw pillow match. I only got a close up of the finished product as I have yet to decide where it's final place will be - for now, I am thinking the couch, but the accent chair and the recliner chair are both possibilities. I never like to have more than four throw pillows on any given piece of furniture. Throw pillows are awesome and definitely make a space feel more complete, but they can also be overwhelming and just overdone beyond any measure of practicality.

Basketweave Knitted Throw Pillow - A Detailed Palette

I am so happy with how it turned out, and I am excited to try out the basketweave pattern on another project. It's my new favorite pattern.

I followed this pattern in order to create the pillowcase. I did admittedly need to go much further than the 18 inches recommended length due to the larger size of the pillow.

And just in case you're in the market for some knitted goods before winter, especially hats, I encourage you to take a look at my friend Kate's new knit shop with some amazing designs. Kate is incredibly talented - she's my go-to knitting resource and we've been knitting together for a few years now! 

Have a great Thursday!
xo, Rachel

Favorite Wallpaper Options Right Now

I am pretty sure it isn't only me who is noticing that wallpaper is coming back in a strong way. While I have already shared some of my favorite Chinoiserie wallpaper options, I am also loving a few others.

Marble Wallpaper

Yup, you read that correctly. This is most definitely a thing and it actually looks convincing from the pictures. I am all on board for this one!

Herringbone Wallpaper

The herringbone pattern is no longer just for floors and backsplashes.

Dotted Wallpaper

This would have to be done in a limited fashion - maybe on only one accent wall. But when it's limited, it does seem to lend a really polished and preppy vibe to the space.

What do you think about wallpaper making a big come back?
Have a great Tuesday!

-xo, Rachel

Yellow Statement Pieces

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Yellow is one of my favorite colors - I love that I have at least one yellow statement piece in the apartment, even if it is in the guest bedroom.

Yellow Chairs

Here are a few more favorite yellow statement pieces for interiors.

Yellow Couch

Pairing yellow with blue is a very classic choice - but other details make this space feel completely new and unexpected even with more traditional lines and color palettes.

Yellow Chair

Even though it's in a placement that would usually deem it as an accent chair, it's easily the biggest statement in the room and is the first thing the eye sees and latches to.

Yellow Bookcase

I love this extra pop of color added to the bookcase below.

Color Crush: Kendall Charcoal

It is no secret that I love the color gray when it comes to interiors.  I do, though, tend to gravitate towards the lighter shades. Recently, I've discovered Kendall Charcoal - a paint color from Benjamin Moore. I can't help but imagine all of the ways I'd love to incorporate this paint color into my dream home... which I will have one day (in the very distant future).

My favorite quality about this color: it's dark without being daunting. I've noticed an uptick of people opting for darker walls in effort to create a more dramatic, broody room. While I can admire it, I am not sure it's something I'd want around me every day. Something about Kendall Charcoal just seems to strike me as a really happy medium for those look to make an impact/create some drama without having this daunting feeling of being trapped in a dark space.







I just love it! What do you think?  Have a great Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel

Goals for Fall

Goals for Fall - A Detailed Palette

Happy Monday, you guys! Fall officially starts on the 21st, and I am really looking forward to it. A few bucket list items for the season:

1. Complete my pillow case - I have finally started my basket weave knitted pillow case. I am in LOVE with the pattern. I'm also really struck by how easy it is to create. I think that's often the case with cool patterns in knitting - unless you're talking about making sweaters. :)

2. Visit and photograph Holy Hill - I am ready to test out the new camera at one of the prettiest fall spots. I've been to Holy Hill a few times now, but still look forward to it in the fall.

Goals for Fall - A Detailed Palette

3. Visit and photograph Lake Geneva - we went there last year, and even though it was great, it was right on the cusp of winter so most of the foliage was non-existent. I definitely want to take a day trip this time right when the leaves are at their peak.

4. Visit an apple orchard - I actually have yet to do this since moving to Milwaukee... which is really just unacceptable. 

5. Take a trip to Chicago - it's been a long time and I'd like to get a quick visit into the city before winter hits and I don't want to leave the house.

6. Finish my throw blanket - this one might realistically stretch into winter, but I'd love to have it completed by the time winter begins.

7. Go to a Badger football game - this one is a MUST. It's been a few years since I have gone to a game.

8. Gym + Hot Yoga every day - I don't know about anyone else, but I struggle to stay motivated near the end of fall. As the temps cool and the days get shorter, I can no longer just go for a run outside. My goal for this fall is to keep up with healthy habits and either hit the gym to do running and weight training or visit Hot Yoga MKE every day. 

9. Complete my social media course - this is for further career development and while I started it a while back, it's been tough to tackle with the crazy summer schedule that I've had. A goal for fall is to have this completely done before winter hits and the holidays are right around the corner.

10. Get Meal Planning Down - one thing I discovered is that it really is easier to eat healthier if you meal plan. I've been trying it out. Some weeks are great and others are not. My goal for fall is to get my meal planning and nutrition down to a place where I'm consistent and healthy.

11. Get storage for the home office sorted - I shared a few days ago about how I was really struggling with organizing paper/documents that we have to hold on to. It's pretty much taking over. My goal is to have a solution for this.

Friday Favorites: Fall is Coming

While it's not officially fall just yet, football season has started and the temperatures have started going down a bit... Both of which lead me to feel like fall has already begun. Fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it except how short it seems to be in Wisconsin. That said, I thought it might be a good time to share my favorites currently for the fall season.

Gilded Amberleaf Candle
This candle from Illume candles is just really amazing. Smells perfectly of fall and I absolutely love it.

Gilded Amberleaf - Fall Favorites - A Detailed Palette

Brown Ankle Boots
I am a huge fan of ankle boots generally - they are super comfortable but still look really chic, which makes them really perfect for work and casual wear. The brown color, too, really just makes me think of fall - and it complements most of my fall sweaters. I'm actually going to be trying out another wardrobe capsule this fall, and I am positive that these will make the cut.

Fall Favorites - Brown Booties - A Detailed Palette

And even though I don't have it, I have been lusting over this fall jacket for quite some time now. Although, if truth be told, I love everything about this photo.




Here are some more fall color palettes to further get you into the fall spirit as we head into the weekend. Have a great one!
xo, Rachel

Loving Right Now: Chinoiserie Wallpaper

I am really loving Chinoiserie wallpaper right now, and it seems to be more and more popular these days. It's definitely more of a traditional design choice, but I just love the muted feel of these wallpapers - a muted feel that permeates throughout the space despite their intricate designs.

Dining Room - Kips Bay Showhouse - A Detailed Palette

Above is  the dining room from 2016's Kips Bay Showhouse designed by Alex Papachristidis. I just love the tree details. The same can be said for the room below. There is something just so calming and whimsical about the muted natural scene displayed in the wallpaper below. 

IMAGE VIA Atlanta Home

IMAGE VIA Atlanta Home

 I really still love this brighter version that I spotted at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee.

Chinioserie Wallpaper - A Detailed Palette

Home Office Storage: Small Space Solutions to Tackle Paper Clutter


I used to work for a mid-grade office furniture retailer and part of my job included content creation for the company's blog. I'd often find myself writing about cutting down on clutter in the office. I find myself now struggling with clutter in my own home office. While I don't have a separated room for my "home office", it is basically just a desk - but given that that is all I really have room for, I make it work, and I love the desk that I do have. I took a chance on customizing it and really making the space my own - you can read more about that in my home office reveal or see it here, featured in this home office gallery. All that said, I do really need to expand my home office to include more storage. Even in this highly digital age, there is still a lot of paperwork to keep and even with six drawers at my disposal, there just isn't enough storage for all of that with my desk alone.

I have been debating whether or not to buy a filing cabinet or some other storage unit. I really hate the look of the bulky traditional style filing cabinets and the cold look of the metal ones. I also need something that seamlessly blends in with the rest of the space, due to the very open layout that the apartment has and just the limited space in general. Here are some options I've been considering.


Which do you guys like best? Hoping to find a solution soon. In the meantime, I'm just trying to keep things mostly organized. Have a great Monday!
-xo, Rachel

Friday Favorites: Zebra Home Decor

Zebras have always been one of my favorite animals. I used to love seeing them at the zoo as a child. In fact, my very first trip to the zoo (at least the first one that I remember), I got a zebra mask and loved it. Until I eventually destroyed it. Anyway, it's actually something that one of my sisters and I have in common, and when I saw her large zebra painting in her living room, I was inspired to get a piece of zebra artwork myself. For a brief moment of clarification, while I like zebra decor and have added quite a bit of it to my home, I'm personally not on board with any sort of taxidermy or any type of animal rug (whether real or fake). It's just not my favorite, and in some situations, I find it to look a little tacky. I am not even overly fond of zebra print. That said, everyone is different and I get that home design isn't objective. Moving on to my recent zebra decor additions that have become absolute favorites:

Zebra Artwork

One of my favorite additions to the gallery wall. I got this piece for iCanvas - an art source that I highly recommend and found after really scouring the internet for affordable art.

Zebra Art and Home Decor - A Detailed Palette

Zebra Box

I LOVE this. I saw it at west elm and found myself continuously gravitating towards it, trying to justify a purpose for it. I figured you can never really have enough storage space, right? It's designed to hold jewelry and that is how I have been using it, keeping it on my dresser for the time being. It just generally makes me happy.

Zebra Home Decor - Zebra Jewelry Box - A Detailed Palette

That's all for today... have a wonderful weekend!
-xo, Rachel