Trip to Harry Potter World

Travel - Harry Potter World - A Detailed Palette

I am so glad that I finally made it to Harry Potter World - it is so nice to be able to cross this off the bucket list. It totally lived up to all the hype and the expectations. I do have to say, though, that there was one negative with the butterbeer - it was delicious, but just SO sweet. I wasn't able to finish a full glass. But, with that said, that's hardly a negative. I so appreciated all of the details that were added in and that stayed true to the world the books created.

Harry Potter World - A Detailed Palette
Harry Potter World - A Detailed Palette

I absolutely loved the whole experience - and even got Professor Lupin's wand. They had interactive spots throughout the park where you could use the wand to cast spells. It was all in all an amazing experience and well worth the price.

Trending Now: Rose Gold

I am traveling for work this week in order to attend KBIS - the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. The tradeshow is for interior designers, builders, and other kitchen and bath professionals and while I am insanely busy, I did want to stay true to my new years resolutions and my new posting schedule. So here is today's post - a post all about a trend that I can confirm (after seeing KBIS firsthand) is still very much going strong.



While the metallics trend has been here for quite sometime, the appearance and sweeping popularity of rose gold is more new. While similar to copper, there is something a bit softer and more, well, "rosey" about rose gold. While its pink tones definitely give it a feminine air, the metallic sheen provides a colder edge. I love this juxtaposition between color and texture, and I think it's ultimately just that that makes rose gold so appealing to so many, whether its related to fashion, interiors, or even your headphones.

Here are some favorite rose gold pieces for your home:

Do you love rose gold, too? Have an amazing Wednesday!
-xo, Rachel

Home Update: Built-In Styling & Knitted Plant Cover

During the time off for the holidays, I took some time to declutter the overall space. After getting rid of a few things and doing some restyling, the whole apartment not only looked better, but also just made me feel better. I've always been more of a minimalist in terms of stuff and the decluttering process just made me realize it all over again. One area in particular really stood out afterwards: the built-in.

Built In - A Detailed Palette

I realized that I hadn't really done much to the built-in for some time and that it was way overdue for a revisit. It's been totally restyled and for now, I am incredibly happy with how it looks.

Built In - A Detailed Palette

I also finally got around to making a knitted plant cover for the other plant on the built in, and I think it looks SO much better. Before, the plant holder was a navy blue that just did not work with the rest of the space. The knitted plant cover basically allowed me to update the look with out spending anything or having to replant/re-pot the plant: a total win-win.

Knitted Plant Holder - A Detailed Palette

To create your own knitted plant cover, take a look at my earlier post.
Have a great Monday!
-xo, Rachel

January 2017: New Home Additions

After the holidays and some rather awesome sales, the apartment has gained a few decor additions as of late. Here are a few favorites that I wanted to share with all of you.

West Elm Dash Blanket
Such a cozy blanket and I love the yarn "dash" detail. Reggie is a huge fan too. I also got quite a lot of new yarn, as you can also see below. I am so excited to create some new knitted items!

West Elm Dash Blanket - A Detailed Palette

Literature Rocks Glasses from The Uncommon Green
These were a gift and came in a set of six. All of the glasses feature the title of the book along with the opening lines and the signature of the author. I absolutely love these and have added them to the bar cart for a little something extra as they feature some of my absolute favorite pieces of literature. There is a cup for Pride and PrejudiceFrankenstein, Hamlet, Jane Eyre, Sherlock Holmes, and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Literature Rocks Glasses - A Detailed Palette

Hobnail Milk Glass Plant Holder + Hydrangeas
Two things happened in almost perfect coordination. 1.) My mom, who is the most avid antiquer I know, found me this hobnail milk glass plant holder. I am not sure where she found it, but she knows I love milk glass and it was such a nice surprise! 2.) I then came across a $9 hydrangea plant in a grocery store. While I know grocery store plants probably aren't super hardy, I love hydrangeas and decided to give planting one a go with this new hobnail milk glass plant holder. I love the resulting look and I am so fervently hoping that the hydrangea thrives. Fingers are most certainly crossed! I have added this to the side table right behind my desk and behind the console table. It's a table I have always felt needed a little something extra, but I never could nail down quite how to style it. I think I've final found the perfect piece of decor.

Hydrangea Hobnail Milk Glass - A Detailed Palette

Have a lovely weekend!
-xo, Rachel

Goals for 2017

Goals for 2017

Happy New Year! No new year is complete though without some new goals to tackle. My list is below.

See More of the World
Ideally, I will be visiting Harry Potter World, hiking Mount Katahdin, seeing Maine for the first time, and finally making it to Canada (I have never been!) by going on a trip to Prince Edward Island. I have wanted to visit Prince Edward Island for over a decade now - ever since reading the Anne of Green Gables series.

Declutter and Simplify
I think I always feel this way after receiving Christmas gifts and realizing that I am going to need to completely reorganize and reassess what I still need and what I haven't use/worn/thought about in over a year.

Read / Listen to 50 Books
I completed this for 2016 and would like to again take it on for 2017. I will admit though that it was only possible in 2016 due to a mix of audiobooks and actually printed books. 

Healthier Mind, Body, and Soul
I have recently signed up for the Tone It Up challenge, which started this past Monday. So far it's going well. I really want 2017 to be my healthiest year yet and want to strive to take good care of myself. I'd also like to practice more yoga, continue to run, better fuel my body, and take moments to relax and to be grateful.

Get More Sleep
Even though it is directly tied to what is above, I felt it was worthy of it's own call out. This year, I am going to try really hard to get to a good place with my sleeping schedule. The plan is to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, while still getting at least 8 hours. 

I'd like to continue blogging, with the goal of three posts per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings) and also continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and write fiction for fun. My goal is 5,000 words per week.

Give Back / Volunteer
This year, I am making more of an effort to give back and volunteer.

Stay in Touch / Call at Least Three People Every Week
With my hour commute, there is no reason not to make the most of it. I actually started doing this out of boredom, but I'd really like to use it as a way to keep in touch with people who I don't see or talk to every day. This includes my grandparents and friends who live in different cities.

Go on More Hikes with Reggie
Reggie loves being outside and going for hiking adventures. I need to use this as motivation to get outside more myself. I also got a ton of hiking gear for Christmas and really want to put it to good use.

Take a Risk
I am an incredibly risk-adverse person. That said, I want to branch out more this year either in the form of starting a knitting etsy shop or maybe training to become a yoga teacher. I haven't precisely nailed down what is possible, but I do want to go outside of my comfort zone, further hone a skill, and continue to grow.

Any goals that you are excited about for 2017?
-xo, Rachel

Goodbye 2016

We have officially entered 2017. I love New Year's Day and taking a moment to take stock and actually reflect. It's pretty rare that we have the time to do so, but thankfully New Year's Day is one of those days where you just can't really ignore or avoid the pull to do so. 2016 had a sharp learning curve. It was definitely a challenging year, but like every other before it, it had its good moments and its bad.

The apartment and living situation technically remain the same, but the space is so much better decorated and has really come in to its own as I've been able to get a few new pieces that have really changed the look and feel of the place into something I feel is more reflective of our personalities. All of the home goals for 2016 have been met!

Living Room - A Detailed Palette
Living Room - A Detailed Palette

I read 50 books over the course of 2016 - another resolution, one that I just finished in the nick of time. Here are some that really stood out:

The Outlander Series - first two novels completed
The Kingkiller Chronicles - first two novels of the trilogy completed
Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie
Death in the Library by Agatha Christie
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

My 50 books - A Detailed Palette

I did take a photography class and I was able to travel to Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, New York City, and LA this year. 

Me at the Parker in Palm Springs - A Detailed Palette

I channeled my inner Agatha Christie and held my first ever murder mystery party - definitely want to do something like that again.

Murder Mystery Party - A Detailed Palette

And of course, no year recap would ever be complete without a photo of Reggie.

Reggie the most adorable puppy - A Detailed Palette

Here is to making 2017 even better! Happy New Years!
-xo, Rachel

Life Lately: December 2016

Life Lately: December 2016

We're almost to Christmas and winter has most definitely arrived in Wisconsin. Life over here has been busy, which is undoubtedly the case for everyone.

I finally learned how to wrap a present. Turns out, the wrapping paper quality does play a role... and wasn't really something I had ever considered. I recommend the Sugar Paper LA wrapping paper - they have a few cute options at Target.

The new year is going to be bringing a lot of travel - including a trip to Harry Potter world. I finally booked tickets and am going with my sister. I am so excited about it that I have actually started DREAMING about it. Yes, actual dreams in which people try to get me to leave before I can have any butterbeer... not going to happen, people!

I am also going to be attending yet another tradeshow for work, and I am in desperate need of new, comfortable shoes. It is so hard to find cute shoes that are also comfortable.

I finally completed the cable knit throw blanket after about five months of working on it. I am so happy with how it turned out and that it is totally done!

Knitted Blanket - A Detailed Palette

And with that blanket complete, I have started a new knitting project with my own pattern. More to come on that later!

Knitting - A Detailed Palette

Have a great Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel

Everything You Need for Winter Running

Everything You Need to Know about Winter Running - A Detailed Palette

One of my friends recently asked me to do a post on my favorite winter running gear. I simply hate running on treadmills, and I prefer to, whenever possible, run outside. In Wisconsin, winters can definitely complicate matters. That said, as long as you're adequately prepared, you should be able to run outside through fall and at least some of the winter. Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional runner; I have however been running since I was 15 - competitively in high school and on my own since, training for and completing five half marathons. 

1. Have the Proper Gear - This means running clothes that are specifically designed to keep you warm and dry in cold weather. This is actually referred to as "ColdGear" so be sure to look for that label when you are shopping. I actually prefer Under Armour and I have found that the cost is worth it, but there are many brands that offer this and at varying price points. I have cold gear running tights and cold gear long sleeved shorts from Under Armour. I typically wear both when running outside in the cold with a puffy vest, a hat, and gloves. The hat and gloves are not specifically for running, but are absolutely necessary. - and you can find options that are designed with runners in mind. While I typically end up taking my gloves off during the run, the hat is especially important as my ears are always the first things to get cold. If I don't wear a hat or any protection for my ears, it does not make for an enjoyable run and they usually just throb in pain even after I am inside and warm.

If you're running when it's dark out, which is way more common due to the shorter winter days, be sure to consider this when shopping for gear. Wearable lights and reflective vest/cold gear are a good way to go. I typically do not run at night and would not really recommend it, especially if you are alone. I also usually run with pepper spray in my vest pocket. While I have thankfully never had to use this, I would recommend that all lone runners consider getting some. I also keep Burts Bees chapstick with me for longer runs and usually apply it before I leave the house. My lips nearly always getting chapped during longer winter runs if I am not careful.

2. Have the Right Shoes - While this could technically be under number one for the proper gear, it is so important that I decided to give it its very own number. Shoes that fit your feet and more importantly how you land on your feet is crucial for making running enjoyable/avoiding injuries. The right shoes are important no matter when you are running, whether in the dead of winter or the height of summer. 

3. Run with the Temperature Drops - I am not sure if that is the best way to say it, but I would say that continuing to run with the temperature drops is really important for your body adjusting to lower temperatures. For example, as it drops from 50s to 40s generally, make sure that you're running during that time. Otherwise, if you run outside when it's 50 and then attempt to run outside weeks later when it's 25 degrees, it's going to feel like much more of a shock to your system - specifically your lungs and throat. While everyone is different and sometimes large temp drops are unavoidable, I have found that this is nearly always the case for me. It's better to let me body gradually get used to temperature changes so I try to make sure that I run with them if I can.

4. Know the Limit - I do not run outside if it is lower than 20 degrees, especially if there is some sort of windchill. That's my limit, and I am sure everyone's is a little bit different. I wanted to mention it all the same because there are just some situations where it probably isn't very safe to be running outside no matter how adequately you are attired.

Another thing to note - I don't think that snowy winter runs are the best time to do any sort of speed training. I always go quite slow to avoid any slips, falls, or injuries. Your body will need a bit more time to warm up for winter runs so don't push too hard to quickly. That's all I have - hope this was helpful and motivating!

Have a great Friday!
-xo, Rachel



Some Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas - A Detailed Palette

Since it's that time of year, I thought I'd share a few gift ideas. Some of these are even items on my own shopping list for the holidays - either that or I have the items and feel very comfortable recommending them for others.

Wireless headphones - I think almost anyone would enjoy these, although especially those who workout quite often and listen to music when they do so. I have the Beat Solo3 in Rose Gold, and while pricey, they have been totally worth it. It is SO much easier to run with these. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but you really don't think about how annoying regular headphones are until you no longer have to deal with them. Sound quality is fantastic too.

Some Gift Ideas - A Detailed Palette

Notebooks + Personalized Stationary - Definitely will not be the right fit for everyone on your list, but these are fun items that people typically do not buy for themselves and are usually perfect for the beginning of a new year, when clean/fresh starts are on everyone's mind.

Zojirushi Coffee Thermos - it's not a crazy demand to want a coffee thermos to keep your coffee warm and to not spill. That said, it can be hard to find a coffee thermos that really works. Let me introduce you to zojirushi coffee thermos. We have one of these and it is SERIOUS. Like "leave coffee in a car overnight and the coffee is still warm" serious.

Specialized Ornaments - this gift idea can be as customized as you want it to be based of the person interest. Doctor Who fan? Get them a TARDIS ornament. Harry Potter fan? Maybe a Hedwig ornament. You get the idea. It's really easy, really meaningful, and they will get to enjoy it for years upon years.

TARDIS Ornament - Gift Ideas - A Detailed Palette

A few more ideas are listed below.

Pantone's Color of The Year 2017: Home Edition

Pantone Color of the Year 2017

I'm actually incredibly excited that Pantone picked a green shade for their color of the year for 2017. While it isn't the exact color I would have selected, I am still happy with it and find it to be totally accurate. I personally have felt myself gravitating more towards green shades when it comes to decorating my own home.  

Knitted Blanket in Sage

Knitted Blanket - Green - Pantone Color of the Year

Mallard Area Rug

Green - A Detailed Palette

Even though none of these shades above match Pantone's color of the year, Greenery, I think they still showcase how easily incorporating the new color can be. Another easy way beyond rugs, pillows, and throw blankets - actually adding plants! I am of course a huge fan of this option. You can see the philodendron above, cascading down the bookcase, and it is actually incredible close (color-wise) to Pantone's color greenery. It seems it is aptly named.

There is certainly something rejuvenating about the color green and just the choice in general. I think it's dead on and must say I'm looking forward to see more of it in homes, fashion, and beyond. 


Home Meets Christmas

First things first - I don't go all out for really any holiday, at least not when it comes to decorating. Post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas is really the only time I decorate even a little bit. I think that once I have a home and more room to store said decorations, it may be a totally different story but in the meantime, here is what the apartment looks like right now. 

Christmas Decorations - A Detailed Palette

Please ignore my reflection in the TV :)

Christmas Decorations - A Detailed Palette
Christmas Decorations - A Detailed Palette

Glad we have this tree skirt that was handmade and gifted to us. Tree skirts are absurdly expensive. That side, I'd like to create my own sometime, using either all white yarn or maybe some shade of green. The red here just stands out a bit too much. But I am glad we have this one for now.

Christmas Decorations - A Detailed Palette
Christmas Decorations - A Detailed Palette

The ornament above is actually one that I made last year. Take a look at the DIY tutorial for more info.

Christmas Decorations - A Detailed Palette
Christmas Decorations - A Detailed Palette

The glasses above were $3 total. Yes, $3 for both glasses. While they are from Target (so everyone will soon have them) and are not dishwasher friendly, I love adding in inexpensive changes like these during the holidays to make it feel a little bit more special and more cozy.

Have a great Monday!
-xo, Rachel

Weekly Favorites: Cozy Details for November

We just had quite the temperature drop here in Wisconsin... and as the Starks correctly and repeatedly say, "Winter is coming." With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of my favorites for staying warm and cozy.

Blanket Scarves

These are hardly a new trend, but I still love them all of the same. I found the one below at Target for a really affordable price. So cozy! This one in particular features the perfect pattern that I have been trying to find for ages.

Copper Thermos

I got a gift card for Starbucks a few months ago. Not being a huge fan of their coffee, I decided to get this copper thermos instead and I love it. Talk about the most chic and stylish coffee thermos EVER.

Life Lately - Cozy Details for November

Knitted Hat with Fur Pom

It makes me sad to say it but I feel I must - NO I did not knit this. Although I so SO wish that I had. I am definitely using this hat for inspiration for creating my very own knitting patterns though.

Weekly Favorites: Cozy Details

Have a great weekend! 
-xo, Rachel

Living Room Update: Mallard Area Rug

The new rug has been added to the living room, and I am really happy with it. I can now completely confirm that getting a rug pad is a MUST. It makes a world of difference when it comes to keeping the rug anchored and in place.

A Detailed Palette - Living Room Update: Mallard Area Rug

Below, you can see more of the rug from another angle, along with the three stockings that I got for Christmas... I've started decorating a little bit early this year. I just could not help myself.

A Detailed Palette - Eclectic Living Room

So far, we are huge fans of the rug. The only negative that I have noticed is that the rug pad itself was quite smelly when it was first out of the package and the smell continued to linger for a day. Now, I've either gotten used to it or it has dissipated.

I'm hoping that this rug, with it's darker color, stands up better to high traffic and dirt. It's already been Reggie-approved.

A Detailed Palette - New Rug is Reggie Approved

Have a lovely Monday!
xo, Rachel

Area Rug Update

After weeks of searching, I have finally found a new rug, and I am so excited to see how it looks in the apartment! I actually went a different route than the three options that I originally shared. After continuing to read some reviews, I decided against any of the jute options. It just didn't seem like the right fit for my space or for Reggie. In fact, I am pretty confident that he would have destroyed any jute rugs due to the texture.

Maybe unsurprisingly, I decided to go with a green color - the actual color itself is called Mallard.

New Rug - A Detailed Palette

I tend to gravitate towards neutrals a lot, but wanted to do something different this time around and actually bring more color. This is one color that I think will work really well everything else, from the gallery wall to the black armchair. You never really know though until it's actually in the space so my fingers are crossed. 

Home - A Detailed Palette

I also ordered a rug pad this time around, something I thought I could do without for the first rug. I have to say that I have since regretted that choice and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a rug to also get a complementing rug pad. It helps to actually keep the rug in place and to provide a little bit more cushion under foot. As I am limited to flat weave rugs (as Reggie has shown a penchant for destroying more plush options), a rug pad will help to make the flat weave a bit more plush feeling. I found that without the pad to keep it in place, our rug was almost constantly being stretched and was never flat as it continued even with a rather heavy coffee table on it.

I am really looking forward to the new area rug! I'll be posting an update as soon as it arrives! Have a great Wednesday!
-xo, Rachel

On Trend: Plant Walls

I recently visited a friend's home - she's just recently moved with her family to this mid-century modern home. While I loved the layout and overall style, I also love something new that they themselves had added - a wall of open shelving featuring nothing but different types of plants. It's such a cool idea and one that adds a bit of life to any space, even one that's maybe shorter on the square-footage. Plus, there are a lot of ways to execute this idea so it always seems to feel fresh and not overdone, which is not something that can be said for very many trends. I wasn't able to get a picture of her plant wall, but thought I would share some of my other favorites.

I love the mix of greens, neutrals, and blues that's happening in the set up below. The minimal shelving complements the abundance of decor perfectly.

Plant Wall - A Detailed Palette


The example below is much more simple, but still beautiful. I especially love the plant on the top shelf that is actually part of the shelf, you can see that there was actually a hole created just for this specific plant - a really great touch.



This plant wall is perhaps a bit more wild than the other two, but I still love it. The variety of plants just makes the space feel so lively and vibrant.



Weekly Favorites: Wool And The Gang

l have been meaning to get some yarn from Wool and the Gang for a while, but I wanted to make sure that I had a project in mind beforehand, as it's better quality yarn than your standard options (with a price point to match, of course.) That said, I have not been disappointed by this yarn by any means. I absolutely love it, and I am so excited to create something new with it.

Get Your Knit On - A Detailed Palette
Favorites - Yarn from Wool and the Gang
Yarn from Wool and the Gang - A Detailed Palette

Despite not being able to find a free pattern anywhere, I am going to attempt to make a fair isle hat - the kind that looks like there are tiny hearts dispersed throughout the hat with a large pom-pom to top it off. I've just started and have already encountered some challenges along the way. That said, I am going to be creating my own pattern for this project and will share as soon as the hat is complete, and I am done making adjustments.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

My Home's Air Quality

If you're like me, you haven't put much thought into the quality of the air you are breathing in. In fact, I think it's something that most of us take for granted - that our air is clean and just totally fine without any sort of device to spend money on. A few months ago, Andy started talking about getting an air purifier. As he is one who rarely buys anything at all, I was incredibly surprised and figured I'd hear him out on why he wanted to purchase one.

Air Purifier - A Detailed Palette

It turns out that air purifiers can really help with managing pet dander. Reggie sheds A LOT. Our space gets dirty quickly - we basically will get what I call "tumbleweeds of Reggie hair" just rolling around if we don't stay vigilant about sweeping and dusting... and let's be honest, those are annoying things to be vigilant about. The dander, though, does extend beyond the floors and is definitely in the air whether we can see it or not. 

Air purifiers may also be a good choice in rentals - this was another reason why we decided to go for it and purchase one. If you live in a rental, chances are you didn't make most, if any, of the design choices. You don't really know where a lot of things came from or what sort of quality a lot of the materials are. You just don't really know with a rental beyond what you can see at face value - which isn't always the full story. 

So we went for it and got an air purifier. While I have no actual evidence that it works, I feel like it really has helped me breathe easier (sneezing less, snoring less, sweeping less, etc.). Of course, I'm aware this could all be in my head and a total placebo effect,  but I found the topic of air quality in our homes to be one that is sorely missing unbiased opinion. 

Would love to know your thoughts on air purifiers! In the meantime, have an awesome Thursday! 

Top Area Rug Picks

The time has come for a new rug. While I love the pattern of the area rug I currently have, it was probably a bit ambitious to pick an option that had white on it... even if it was just a little bit of white. While the material of the rug has held up well, the white part of the pattern just has not, what with a dog and people forgetting to take off their shoes (myself included).

I am currently looking for a new rug to replace the one I currently have. A few options have stood out among the rest, although I am still trying to narrow it down.

Jute Rug

I love the look of this rug and the lighter color, and I definitely feel like it could withstand dirt. That said, I am worried about the texture and how it would actually feel on bare feet. Reggie has also never been exposed to this material so I am not sure if he'd be good with it or not. Finally, I read some reviews saying that jute rugs shed a lot. So while I love the look of this rug, I am not ready to commit. Have any of you had a jute rug? If so, did you experience any of these issues?

Top Area Rug Picks - A Detailed Palette

Navy Rug

While I think a dark navy could work, I am not sure if this color is right for the space as it is. That said, I love how this rug looks to have an almost knitted appearance, and I don't think Reggie would destroy it.

Top Area Rug Picks - A Detailed Palette

I also really like the above rug in a gray color, but I am worried that the color is to light and that I again will have issues with the rug getting too dirty and constantly having to clean it.

Area Rug Picks - A Detailed Palette

Still undecided for the time being, but hoping to narrow it down soon. Have a great Monday!

Weekly Favorites Vol.1

I knew that I wanted a poncho before I kicked off my wardrobe capsule. I figured it would be the perfect sweater for lounging about the house and that I could even wear it to work for casual Fridays. I do find ponchos to be tricky to shop for though, as most of them just look much too large to the point where I feel like I am just wearing a bag. I found the one below at TJ Maxx. While oversized, it's thankfully not to the bag-like point as I mentioned above. Ever since I have gotten it, I have found myself basically living in it.

TJ Maxx Poncho - Favorites - A Detailed Palette

The TJ Maxx Knitted Poncho isn't too boxy, as it as you can see below, and it is so comfortable and cozy, making it perfect for a brisk fall day.

TJ Maxx Poncho - Favorites - A Detailed Palette

I have also been loving this new J Crew Pale Pink Cable Knit Sweater. It's essentially my "dream sweater" with cable knit design and a soft blush pink that doesn't wash me out. It was 40% off so I snatched it up right before my fall wardrobe capsule kicked in. Now that I am attempting to dress with my limited capsule, this is one piece that really stands out as a favorite. It pairs so beautifully with so many different colors and styles.

J Crew Blush Pink Sweater - Favorites - A Detailed Palette

Colectivo Spiced Hot Apple Cider: Unfortunately, this one is limited to those who are in Milwaukee and Madison, but I am convinced that there is no better Spiced Apple Cider out there. It is SO GOOD. It's also seasonal, so there's no time like the present if you want some for yourself.

Passion Planner: I had one of these last year, due to winning an Instagram giveaway. For 2016, I went with another brand planner, but I found myself really missing the Passion Planner. I actually can't wait for 2017 to officially be here so that I can start using the passion planner once again.

Gray Walls + White Trim + Wainscoting + Wood Floors: When I have an actual house of my own, this is what I am going for. You just can't beat this starting point (ignore the rest of the decor below, focus on walls, ceilings, and floors). There are so many decorating possibilities with elegant and tranquil starting point like this.



Wainscoting is a pretty traditional design element, but I love how it adds just such a polished, put together touch to any space. It's also a feature that can blend in well with more modern designs which is exactly how I'd use it in a home.

Have a great weekend!
-xo, Rachel

General Decorating Tips

Tips for Decorating - A Detailed Palette

Decorating or maybe even interior styling seems to be something that can be kind of tricky for some people. I have gotten a few questions about it on Instagram so I thought I'd share a few general tips that I think most people can apply to their space, no matter the style or the square footage.

Embrace the Editing Process

As with many things, we usually want instant gratification. We want to have our spaces completely decorated and finished quickly so that we can get back to other things on our to do list and just enjoy the space. While I do think every home should be a joy to be in, I don't know that being completely finished decorating can ever be truly accomplished. I say embrace the editing/refresh process. I generally style something and leave it for a few days - if there's something off about it, I edit. I add a few things, maybe move other pieces else where. Maybe the layout isn't quite as aesthetically appealing as I thought or maybe it's just not practical. Whatever the case, I come back and edit as the days pass, and I eventually get it set up exactly how I want it for the time being. Don't be afraid to revisit previously styled/decorated nooks with a new eye. I have done this a few times for both the console table behind the sofa and the bar cart.

Pay Attention to the Color Palette

If you have different styles, using color as a theme throughout the space is the easiest way to keep the room feeling cohesive. Sticking to a color palette also helps to give more order. A really good rule of thumb is the 70-20-10 rule - 70% of the space being the primary color (usually neutral) and the others (20% and 10%) being the bolder accent colors. This acts as a way to keep your color usage in check and also in balance. This doesn't mean that you can only have three colors, but limiting your spaces to three main colors is usually a good call.

Always Be Practical

Don't style things only for the sake of how they look - it's not going to work out in the long run. Consider flow and just be practical about placement. Something that you use every day maybe shouldn't be difficult to reach. Maybe you shouldn't stack items on top of a pile of books that you actually want to read.

Don't Forget About Your Angles!

It might sound like advice straight out of America's Next Top Model, but consider angles and how things group together when styling. Everything should have a flow and should be visually interesting (meaning there should be some diversity going on). You don't want everything to be placed the same way, have the same texture, or to have the same lines. Juxtaposition is key to decorating and interior styling.

That's all - I hope that these aren't too basic or general so as to be unhelpful... hopefully they instead apply to many of you and can help you when organize and styling your home.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!