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Welcome to my blog. Here you'll find posts about my home, my knitting projects, and my travels.

Favorites this Week

Reggie with our favorite throw blanket

Reggie and I are huge fans of this soft, gray throw blanket. It's seriously so cozy. I found this one at TJ Maxx, but they seem to be everywhere right now. These throw blankets also make for a great accent, adding some texture to your decor. Just drape it over a chair or a couch - instantly lovely!


Vests seem to be a huge trend this fall. I love this one - another TJ Maxx find.

Thanks to the amazing instagram knitting community, I also discovered and signed up for yarnbox. It's a subscription box that sends yarn, needles, and patterns right to your house each month. I am so excited to get my first box. I only signed up for three months so I can get a good idea of what it's all about before committing to a longer subscription. If you are a knitter or a crocheter, I will be sure to review it so stay tuned.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



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