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Knitting Inspiration + Complete Project

I have gotten tons of knitting requests and orders from friends and family, and I am loving it. While I am still mostly following patterns by others, I am slowly branching out more to create my own patterns. It's a lot of trial and error.

So far, I've finished a no-pressure retro-style Wisconsin Badger hat for my nephew. When I say no pressure, I only mean that I knew he wouldn't really care much about how it turned out since he is only four months old. While there was definitely some room for improvement, it turned out really well.

My second pattern-free creation was inspired by the two hats above. I wanted to create something cute for myself - and do it quickly so that I could move on to other projects.

This was the result:


The brim of the hat isn't quite as large as it is on the other two. It was a  choice I made before starting and a choice that I am still questioning now. What do you think? Which do you prefer?


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