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Embroidery Projects

I simply love 19th century British novels: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and Middlemarch by George Eliot are three of my absolute favorites.

I always enjoy reading about how people, specifically women, spent their days back then. There always seems to be an emphasis on embroidery.


While I am glad that staying home and embroidering cushions isn't our only available form of employment, I do find it a little bit disheartening that today embroidery seems to be a lost art.

The fact is, there is nothing dated about embroidery. You can create some pretty cool, modern designs with it – and instantly make things more personal. It can also be added as a lovely detail to just about anything resembling cloth. You can even make artwork out of it by simply framing a piece of embroidery.

I started learning how to embroider a few months ago. The basic stitches are pretty easy and fun to do, although to be honest, it is time-consuming.

My current embroidery projects:

A Detailed Palette Embroidery Project

As you can see above, I am by no means a pro at this stuff, but I think it's pretty good progress for my first attempt. 

I am also going to be starting a project for a friend's wedding – a quote to be displayed at the reception.

And, after creating Reggie's silhouette, I am going to be embroidering his name underneath it then framing the entire creation. I should have this done soon - I will be sure to share the final product! 

What you will need if you want to begin:

1. Cloth/something to embroider

2. Needles

3. Thread that will work for said needles - the color is up to you!

4. A hoop - this will keep your work flat and straight, making it much easier.

5. A thimble - a lot of people will suggest this one, but to be honest, I do not use mine much. This may change in the future

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