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Weekly Favorites

A collection of some of my favorites recently purchased/on my wish list.  I cannot say enough about the two candles. The Manly Indulgence Cigar Lounge candle is incredible. It smells manly to be sure - but fictional character manly. You guys, I think that the only way to properly describe this candle is that it smells exactly like how I always imagined Mr. Darcy would smell.

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The other candle is from Illume and is called Gilded Amberleaf. It smells like fall and happiness.

Can I just mention how much I love baublebar? I just got the bib statement necklace pictured above, and I love it despite it being a bit heavy. I also have to give baublebar a lot of credit for how they package their items. Always a gorgeous arrangement. Plus so much delightful bubble wrap.

Lastly,  am in desperate need of a new pair of winter boots. Can't decide between gray or black. What do you guys think?

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