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Decor Details | Styling a Nightstand

a detailed palette styling a nightstand


Looking for some ways to freshen up your nightstand? Nightstands, or bedside tables, can have a huge impact on any bedroom. They have a specific function, of course, but they can also be incredibly stylish.

Keep it Personal

It's easy to see that my nightstand is dominated by the presence of books. As an avid reader, this speaks to me in both the practical sense and an aesthetic sense. If you're not a big reader, it doesn't really make sense for your nightstand to have books all over it. I have seen a lot of articles that carry a "formula" for styling a nightstand, and I have to say that this seems to take out the fun, personal element it. Don't follow a formula – instead, let your interests come through.

Layer, Layer, Layer

I am not sure if there is another term for this or not. I like to think of it as layering, though, and it really does make the most sense to call it that. I think it's also incredibly overlooked – everyone seems to use it to add visual interest, but no one ever actually seems to call it out. Layering can be done using decorative trays or even a book, and it instantly creates a more polished look. It's important, though, that your layering is practical. Here I use a book, flatly placed, in order to provide a layer/perfect placement for my alarm clock. This book is completely decorative – I will not be reading it ever and, therefore, using it like this makes total sense. If it was a book I wanted to read, actually using it would mess up the entire layout of my nightstand.


Looking to add a touch of glamour? Get a jewelry stand and use it to store two or three favorite pieces.  

Artistic? Prop artwork or framed prints on the nightstand and let it rest gently against a wall. This looks amazing when balanced out by the presence of a lamp, as you can see in the Colorful and Girly design above.

Decorative storage boxes are practical and can also help with any layering.


Happy styling!


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