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A Review of My First Yarnbox

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In case you haven't heard, subscription boxes are all the rage, and there is literally a subscription box for everything. Seriously, I mean everything. Not that I am complaining, It's fun to try them out. Plus, it makes for some exciting mail days.

After canceling my birchbox subscription in effort to keep sample sized products from taking over my home, I decided it was time to try a new subscription box. I stumbled upon the yarnbox while browsing knitting related hashtags - a new favorite past-time of mine.

I signed up for three yarn boxes. I felt like this would give me a pretty good idea as to what they were like. This box was a bit different than others I have had - I had to pay the total for the three months up front, as opposed to a monthly payment.

Neighborhood Fiber Company Yarn

My first box came with yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Co. It's absolutely stunning, as you can see above.  The color, called Edgewood, is really rich and resembles a deep emerald color. I love the color and feel like it isn't something you can just find anywhere. I got two hanks of this yarn along with 2 downloadable patterns and a pattern card. Each hank of yarn is valued at $23 so I feel like the price of the box was definitely worth it.

I cannot wait to start working with this yarn!



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