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DIY Holiday Wreath

In need of some holiday decorations?  I made this over the weekend, and it was incredibly easy!

How to Create a Holiday Wreath

Start off with a basic green wreath - this one was  $5.99 at Michael's. I chose to get a bundle of white poinsettias for $2.99. I then used scissors to separate the flowers. This was probably the most difficult part - it took some strength, haha.

DIY Christmas Wreath at A Detailed Palette

Pick out 2-4 finishing touches/decorative details in your desired colors. These were $1.99 each at Michael's.

DIY Wreath

Plan out the placement of each item on your wreath. This can be done in so many different ways - whatever you like best. 

DIY Winter Holiday Wreath

Hot glue everything down. Be sure to fluff/adjust your actual wreath to make it appear full.

how to make a gorgeous holiday wreath

Basic Black Beanie

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