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Friday Favorites

Posting this much later than originally planned... such is life, I suppose. But I still wanted to share some fun favorites for this week.

Frosted Ear Sparkles – photo courtesy of @bleuberrytoast - you should probably follow her.

blueberrytoast earrings.jpg

I honestly don't even remember how I started following Bleuberry Toast on Instagram. My guess would be that I happened upon it while using the explore feature and that the shiny images captured my attention – who can resist shiny images? However I came upon it, I am incredibly glad that I did. The jewelry is just GORGEOUS, as you can see from above. This is my first purchase of what I am sure will be many.

My Dream New Year's Eve Dress - Unfortunately, way out of my price range, but oh my goodness, this dress is perfect. It's kind of Black Swan... but in all of the right ways. 


Faux Fur Blanket - You could say that I now have a problem when it comes to faux fur blankets. And if you do, it's okay. It's something that I have come to terms with. I first got this lovely gray one.

Faux Fur Throw Blankets

And now, I've added this beauty to my ever-growing collection.




And in effort to keep up with the theme, I thought I'd have Reggie model the other one. He LOVES them. I suppose this one is truly more "faux fur" than the other. 

Reggie and his faux fur throw blankets by a detailed palette

Both are delightful and everything that is cozy and happy in the middle of a dreary winter. Although I suppose I cannot complain too much – there isn't even any snow here.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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