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On the Topic of Gift Wrapping

How does one learn to wrap presents in a pretty, amazingly creative way? I am asking because I legitimately have no idea. Seriously people.  It takes me FOREVER to wrap presents. And it never really looks that great, with bulgy sides and wrinkled paper. Last year, I didn't even bother. You get a gift bag, you get a gift bag… EVERYONE gets gift bags. This year I am determined to learn what everyone else on Pinterest and Instagram already seems to know.

My absolute favorite example is this one from One Good Thing by Jillee!  I am definitely going to try wrapping some gifts up like this over the weekend!

So gorgeous, right?

I've also been giving New Year's resolutions some thought too. I've decided to go easy on myself this year and deviate from the oh-so-typical and oh-so-hard-to-achieve type resolutions. I know that one will be to bake and cook more. I've asked for a lot of baking items for Christmas, and I finally live in a place that has a decent sized, although super ugly, kitchen. First matter of business, though, is to get these amazing cookie cutters!


And for inspiration, I can turn to my new favorite Instagram account: @Eveandloveco! You should check it out - the feed is gorgeous!



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