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It's Beginning to Feel a Lot like Winter

Lotion and Lip Balm for Winter - A Detailed Palette

Yes, I wrote correctly. It's feeling like winter… which is quite different from feeling like Christmas. And by that, I mean that instead of being super cheerful and festive, my skin is dry, my lips are chapped and I wake up generally stuffy.

Here are some of my go-to-solutions in the winter:

EOS lip balm: I am not going to lie; the whole egg shape thing is about 99.9% of the reason why I bought this. Yeah, I am that girl. The girl who buys the wine that comes in the prettiest bottle. It's for a reason though – I plan to repurpose the wine bottle later, guys!  And I stick by my decision to get this. In addition to its cool and fun shape, this chapstick is SUPER moisturizing and long lasting. I have been using it all the time and it seems to be helping out a lot.

Pomegranate Burt's Bees and Tinted Burt's Bees:  Tinted chapstick – for the days when you want to wear lipstick, but your lips are just too gross to do so.

EOS hand lotion: It also comes in a fun bottle/container/weird flat shape, you guys!  And like its chapstick sibling, it too is super moisturizing and long lasting. My hands are really bad this winter, so it's nice that this lotion can really easily be transported. I just throw it in my coat pocket. Plus, I don't have to live in constant fear of flattening it/making it explode all over because it's already flat!

Burt's Bees Night Cream: I use this both morning and night – it's light enough to use for a day time moisturizer too.

Protect Eleven - This sample came in a Birchbox, and I really love this stuff. So creamy, so good, and it works really well for my sensitive skin. I also think this moisturizer makes my makeup look extra amazing if I use it before application.

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin - This is another sample from a Birchbox. It is so soft and smooth. I use this sparingly, mostly around my eyes. It's awesome, and it smells heavenly. 

Unfortunately, nothing seems to help with my general stuffiness in the morning. Any suggestions?

Do you guys have any favorite moisturizers?



ps: I got a Clarisonic as an early Christmas present! Can't wait to share my experience with it! Stay tuned.

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