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Knitted Hats

Knitted handmade hats - A Detailed Palette

Finishing up some projects just in time for Christmas!  The pom pom hat is for my niece, Elizabeth and the cable knit hat is for my sister Terri. I cannot wait for them to open these at Christmas.

Cable knitting is one of my favorite ways to "dress up" any knitted item. I find that it works SO MUCH better if you actually work with a cable knit hook as opposed to using another needle or even a crotchet hook - it's definitely worth the extra money and the trip to the craft store to get the hook!

I didn't follow a specific pattern for Elizabeth's hat - as you can see, it is pretty basic. The cable knit hat pattern can be found at Tin Can Knits.

I've got two more projects to finish before Christmas - wish me luck!


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