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Christmas Classics & The Best Wisconsin Brandy Slush Recipe

Christmas classics & brandy slush recipe

I am getting more and more excited for Christmas with each passing day, regardless of our shocking lack of snow. I also don't have my gifts all purchased. Whoops! But I still have some time.

Need some good Christmas tunes? 

Michele McLaughlin's album: Christmas - Plain and Simple and Christmas - Plain and Simple IIIt features some classic Christmas songs, and they are beautifully done. It's a solo piano album. Some people may think that sounds super duper boring, but I swear her playing is so beautiful and emotive - it's worth a listen!

Frank Sinatra's A Jolly ChristmasYou probably already know about this one, but just in case! It's too good not to mention.

And lastly, I know that Brandy Slush is considered to be a Wisconsin thing, but I am telling you that you've got to try it. It's such a good drink to serve during the holidays.

Ingredients for my mom's fabulous Brandy Slush:

9 cups of water

2 cups of sugar

4 original tea bags

2 cups of brandy

16 oz frozen concentrated orange juice

16 oz frozen concentrated lemonade (two 8 oz bottles of unfrozen lemonade will also work if the first proves difficult to find.)


My mom's brandy slush recipe:

9 cups of water + 2 cups of sugar then boil the mixture for two minutes.

Remove from burner and add 4 original/regular tea bags right away. 

Let the mixture with tea bags cool. 

Remove the tea bags after a few minutes and add 2 cups of brandy

Add the frozen concentrated orange juice and frozen concentrated lemonade.

Be sure to stir thoroughly. Then freeze the mixture until slushy!

Serve by mixing the slush with Squirt, 7-up, or Sprite - whichever you prefer. We normally use Squirt!




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