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Moving Yet Again

We are moving! We, of course, being my boyfriend, my puppy, and myself. And my beta fish Pierre Bezukhov - ten points to whoever knows the source of my beta fish's name.

While I am not so excited about the actual process of moving (ie: lifting heavy things, almost dropping aforementioned heaving things, packing, and stubbing toes), I am really looking forward to being able to reorganize/downsizing need and decorate a whole new space.

The best features about our new place: yellow exterior, lots of natural light, and hardwood floors. The not so great: less space… especially closet space.

We aren't moving until July 1st, but I have already started planning out where I want what and dreaming about the type of living room I would create if budgetary concerns were not at the forefront. Unfortunately, they are… we've got a month overlap in leases which is definitely less than ideal, but worth it for the new location.

I want to take this moment to now be really grateful for how much free furniture we have received from family members getting rid of things. It's been a huge help. And now the confession: I HATE my free couch. I know… it was free, I shouldn't complain. But it's just not me. It has a pattern that I can't even describe, and I so badly want to replace it. My dream couches would be something like this AM+ Studio Jenna Sofa found on Wayfair:

 Image credit to

Image credit to

Right now I am pretty limited to what I can spend. So here are some budget-friendly ways that I am going to redecorate this space and hopefully forget about/distract others from the eyesore that is the free couch.

New throw pillows: Probably the fastest way to add a new look to a living room, not to mention add a whole new element of comfort. I adore throw pillows, and you can find them at really reasonable prices like these on Etsy. I am going to focus on light blues and pale yellows with a mix of fun geometric patterns and solid designs so as to not overwhelm my already loud free couch.

 Image credit to  FabricJunkie1640 on Etsy

Image credit to FabricJunkie1640 on Etsy

Textured blankets: These can also be a bit pricey, but they are incredibly gorgeous and add an element of chic style. I love these.

 Image credit to's pinterest

Image credit to's pinterest

Sadly though, these are usually pretty pricey unless you happen to stumble upon a sale. My solution—knitting my own textured blanket. These small rolls of textured "poodle" yarn were $2 each at Michael's, meaning that I spent a total of $6 on my future textured blanket.

Yarn from Michael's by

Coffee table: A coffee table is literally the centerpiece of your living room so I am going to style it as such. The basics include coffee table reading, nice smelling candles, charming accents, and a tray to hold it all together.

Now… time to save up for my dream couch.

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