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Budget-Friendly DIY Crepe Paper Roses

All credit to this wonderful DIY goes to Marilyn at Brewed Together. If you haven't checked out this blog yet, you should. These DIY paper crepe roses looked simply stunning on the blog, and I just had to try it.

Awesome news: this was incredibly budget-friendly. I found the crepe paper from Michael's for a little bit more than a dollar for each roll, and I already had a hot glue gun and wooden skewers, although these both are not expensive and can be found pretty easily at any craft store.

But that's all you will need; just crepe paper (color for flower and color for stem), a glue gun, and wooden skewers (for the stem).  Please see the tutorial by Marilyn at Brewed Together here to get all of the steps for how to create your own flowers!

DIY paper roses - materials that you will need by

These flowers allow to add some bursts of color in your decor where it might be needed. I currently was looking for a few flowers to add to my cuurent side bar set up. I had a fake flower, but it just wasn't working; it was the wrong color and looked horribly fake. These flowers already have made such a huge difference - and at such a little cost.

Mine also turned out a bit differently from the gorgeous ones by Marilyn on Brewed Together, but I am still very happy with them. You can see how they turned out below.

DIY paper roses from Brewed Together by

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