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Oh How Wonderful are the Weekends?

Reggie by a

Summer weekends are my favorite, and this one was no exception. It began with Reggie, my adorable little puppy, being selected as the "Town Hound" on the Milwaukee dog blog, Brew City Bark. So basically, there is now a celebrity in my presence. ;)

Feel free to click the link above to check out his cute write-up.

We also enjoyed a bit of Summerfest this weekend, and my brother even came up to visit. For those not familiar, Summerfest is actually the world's largest music festival, and it is one of the best things about being in Milwaukee, WI in the summer. My brother and his friends chose to see Five Finger Death Punch... to which I said no thanks and opted for something a bit less... violent. Instead, my friend and I saw Tegan and Sara perform. Although we were torn between them and Atmosphere, we were content with our decision. Tegan and Sara were amazing!

Summerfest by

There's nothing like a band playing all of the songs you love, even the old ones! They weren't on the same level as Mumford & Sons (is anyone?), but they still put on an entertaining show.

I also happened upon this beautiful bouquet during lunch. It's the little things that can make your day!

beautiful flowers by

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