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Project New Living Room

Designing my new living room by

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The only thing I like about moving - it provides a new, clean slate for decorating!

For my new living room, I am really trying to work with what I already have; that being, two cranberry winged back chairs, a dark round coffee table, and a light cube bookcase, all of which were free from family members who were downsizing. The items pictured above bear a striking resemblance to what I already have currently sitting in my living room, although the cube bookcase is the only one that is the exact same.

I really want to incorporate some gray in the form of a brand new couch and a new accent rug, although sadly these purchases won't be right away. But budgets must be adhered to! Anyway, I felt like adding the light blue throw pillows, the white textured throw pillows + the light-colored tripod lamp (all of which I can get now!) makes the look feel way more cohesive.

While I am not a huge fan of mixing wood finishes or the color cranberry, I am hoping it will still all come together with gray. After all, it's all about working with what you've got, isn't it?

Here's the new space:

new apartment living room.jpg

Natural light + wood floors = makes my heart sing. Although, the floors are much lighter than they appear in the above picture... the coloring is actually very similar to the cube bookcase. 

Here's to hoping it all comes together sooner as opposed to later... fingers crossed!


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