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Making the Most of a Milwaukee Summer

 The view of Atwater Beach

The view of Atwater Beach

In case you didn't know, summers in Milwaukee, and probably anywhere in the Midwest, are incredibly short-lived. You've got to get out and make the most of the lovely weather and long days! I have been doing just that - and it's why I have been a little less than consistent with updating this blog. But I will be getting better about it... promise!

My friend Natalie visited me a few weekends ago. She's been living in North Carolina for the past year so I can't even put into words how great it was to see her. I was also quite excited to have a visitor to show around Milwaukee. Born tour guide, right here.

Anyway, for once the Wisconsin weather was cooperative so we got to do pretty much everything as planned – even if we did get rained on a bit while walking to and from Splash Studios. Based off of our little adventure, I thought I would put together a list of some really awesome, budget-friendly things you can in Milwaukee while we still have a bit of summer left.

Do some painting Splash Studios – The concept of the painting bar is actually kind of genius, although I have to admit that I never would have thought of it. The idea is to paint, have a drink, and hang out with your friends. We opted for the cheaper option of just getting a canvas and going with it. There were so many paintings surrounding us that finding inspiration wasn't too difficult. We both were particularly struck by this painting of a tree and tried to imitate it. It was a lot of fun. I feel that creative pursuits are usually so individual – making it a group activity was awesome.

Kettle Moraine by adetailedpalette

Hike Kettle Moraine – It's about a forty minute drive from Milwaukee to the Kettle Moraine Park in Delafield. I love Delafield – I think the actual town might be the most charming place in WI.

Go on a Miller Coors Brewery Tour – It's free and it's really cool. I also highly recommend going to Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee Brewing, or any other brewery tour as well. You really can't go wrong.


Go to Atwater Beach – Do I need to go beyond what the picture above shows?  Atwater Beach is my new favorite place, and I am kind of embarrassed that I only just discovered it.

Take a stroll or a drive down Lake Drive in Shorewood – This might not be for everyone, but for some reason I am obsessed with looking at pretty homes. I go on Zillow all the time for doing just that. Lake Drive is probably one of the coolest streets in the Milwaukee area, although technically located in Shorewood. The homes are just all really unique, old, charming, and just plain gorgeous. They also look so… solid. Seriously some expert craftsmanship went into building these homes. I highly recommend just taking a nice walk, drive, or even a run – depending on how ambitious you are – down this street.

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