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Fall Has Arrived - Bring on the Knitting

Fall has arrived! I was beyond ready for it, and I am now eagerly waiting for the leaves to change.

I think one of the major reasons why I love fall so much is because it really spurs me to knit more. It's easier to put things off in the summer, since I know I won't be wearing the items any time soon. But as soon as crisp fall air rolls in, I start knitting like a crazy person. And that's where I am at now, knitting with fervor as I binge watch episodes of Dr. Who.

Some knitting projects

Apple Hat

Apple Hat

This was a special request from my friend Cassie, also known as the sweetest person ever, who has an adorable little baby girl. The stem was actually really tricky (can I just say that double pointed needles always throw me off?), but I think it turned out wonderfully and it is seriously so cute. Definitely wouldn't mind making one of these again, and I was so happy to be asked.  I think it is the perfect fall hat for a baby – can you imagine taking your baby to the apple orchard with this adorable hat on? Simply amazing.

Here's the pattern I followed.

Yellow Slouchy Hat - Knitted

Cable-Knit Slouchy Hat

I can't even express how much I love cable knitting. It is so easy and it always looks so complicated. It's one of the best illusions ever.

This hat, made for a friend in Seattle, took a bit longer than what hats usually do – mostly because of the extra inches needed to create the slouch. I also had to use the provisional cast on method, the first time I have ever attempted it. While it's not difficult, it blew my mind and I am still not sure how it worked at all. I also learned how to do the Kitchener stitch. I think this may be the handiest thing ever. I often find knitting in the round a bit tricky… especially if I am working on a smaller project. I plan on using this method in those cases to make things a bit easier.

 Excuse my super messy hair!

Excuse my super messy hair!


Here's the pattern.


Fall Fashion via Polyvore

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