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Time for a Bedroom Re-do

I am in need of a very budget-friendly way to revamp my bedroom. I've had the same bedding for forever, and I am beyond ready for something new. Plus, my duvet cover is basically falling apart. Situation is DIRE, you guys. 

Not all of these items are "budget" finds... looking at you, $60 candle - seriously, why is this candle $60?

I am hoping to put a DIY spin on this entire look! I'll be sure to post a before and after photo when it's done!

I am really hoping to make it look as close as possible to this without spending too much. First order of business - repainting my dresser so that it look exactly like that PERFECT dresser above. Yes, I just gushed about a dresser.

Some Favorites Right Now

Fall Fashion via Polyvore