A December Update

December Flowers - A Detailed Palette

A few things to update you all on...

I did not complete NaNoWriMo this year. I got to about 16,000 words and not only lost steam, but definitely had some time constraints that were just too much and rather unavoidable. Sad day. That said, I do want to complete my 50,000 word goal though and will be trying to do that for the next two months. I think that one month for all of those words just may be too much for me.

We brewed beer! Yup, that's right. We got a home brewing kit and completed it the other weekend. Well, full disclosure, Andy mostly did all of it (since he's basically a professional) while I just watched/took pictures/helped with minor cleaning tasks,

Brewing Beer - A Detailed Palette

The batch will be ready for consumption on Christmas Day! I wish I could say that we perfectly planned that, but it just happened. We're pretty excited (although a bit nervous)to try it. It's the first time though, so we're not expecting anything too amazing.

Andy and I recently visited the Pabst Museum! While I was sad to discover that I couldn't take any pictures of the home, it was beautifully decorated for the holidays with gigantic over-the-top Christmas trees in nearly every room. I highly recommend checking the place out while the holiday decor is still in place.

Pabst Mansion - A December Update - A Detailed Palette

Hope your December has been off to an incredible start - time to close out 2015 on a good note.
-xo, Rachel