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My Review of the Clarisonic


I have pretty average skin. I'll get some blemishes here and there and it's probably an even mix of oily and dry, depending on the weather. My nose and chin have quite a lot of black heads though. I've been using the clarisonic every other day for about a month, and I have noticed a HUGE difference. Now, that isn't to say that I haven't gotten a single pimple throughout those for weeks. I had a few pop up – which is pretty good for me.  The blackheads, though, have really decreased and my skin feels way more firm. I am pumped about both developments.


I got the Clarisonic Mia 1 because it was the cheapest at $100, and I had a sizeable gift card to put towards it. That said, it's an expensive purchase for skincare. I guess I justified it as an investment, and I definitely think it qualifies. As soon as I shared that I had purchased it, a few friends immediately told me how much the loved theirs - two friends had even gotten their clarisonics five years back - and they STILL use it. That's a pretty good sign.

I did ask the beauty consultant if there was a big difference between the Mia 1 and Mia 2, as there is $50 price gap, and she told me that there are different speed options available with the Mia 2, but that this doesn't really impact how deeply the clarisonic cleans. I am not sure if others will disagree with this, but my Mia 1 has been just wonderful, and I definitely do not think that another speed would be necessary.

I got the white one, mostly because I prefer the cleaner look. The purple and pink ones just did not call to me.

A few reviews say that the clarisonic is really harsh and rough on your skin. I totally disagree. While I think that it definitely gets the job done when it comes to deep cleaning, it actually feels very soothing.

The face wash sample size that comes along with the Mia 1 is a decent size, and it smells SO good.

I am by no means a skin care expert, but this has really helped my skin in terms of firmness and blackheads, and I have only been using it for four weeks. I am so, so, SO happy with it, and I would recommend that everyone at the very least try it to see how it affects their skin.

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