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DIY Craft - 2015 Memory Jar

2015 DIY Craft - A Memory Jar - So Easy and Awesome

Do you ever feel like you barely remember what happens in a year? That's kind of how I felt about 2014. I obviously remembered the big stuff - everyone does. But that's not necessarily all I want to remember about each year.

This year, I am going to be keeping a memory jar. Yes, it is just as cheesy as it sounds. But I am willing to bet you a rather sizable amount that it will make you incredibly happy - and probably give you some perspective. That's what I've found so far at least.

So here is the concept - and I will say that it is one that isn't necessarily new (I did something similar in the sixth grade, although only for a month or so) :

Find a mason jar. It should probably be a larger one, like mine above. Then, every time something great happens, write it down on a piece of paper.  I rolled mine and tied them with yarn because it reminds me of mini-scrolls and that makes me even MORE happy, but you can choose to do it however you'd like so long as the happy event has been recorded. Then place it in the jar. The idea is to keep this up throughout the year - it will act as a reminder of the little things, the things that you have to be grateful for.

Then, when the end of 2015 arrives, you can take some time on New Year's Eve and read all of the great memories... something that will surely be worth taking the time to record each event.

xo - Rachel


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