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Tips to Have A Great Day

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1. Go to bed on time the night before. This is one of my biggest struggles, personally. I always seem to stay up later than I intended. Makes me miss the days of my strictly enforced bedtimes. How much sleep you get is obviously going to impact how you feel the next day - the whole saying that each new day is a clean slate is only true to an extent. You're going to be impacted by the day before.

2. Don't do the mad dash. Wake up early enough so that you can get ready at a relaxed pace. If you're running around as soon as you begin your day, you've already lessened how great that day can be and, maybe without realizing it, you've already started to raise your stress levels.

Healthy Breakfast

3. Eat breakfast! Yes, even if you aren't super hungry - just grab something small like some yogurt.

4. Drink enough water. This one is a big one. I have gotten so much better about this ever since buying a water bottle. I actually know how much water I manage to drink whereas before I never really gave it much thought. Recommendations vary for each person, but the standard rule of thumb is 8 glasses (at 8 ounces).

5. Workout. It's a tough one, but it makes your day so much better. To make it not so tough, try to find something that you actually enjoy. There are SO many exercise classes - from yoga  to crossfit and everything in-between that you are bound to find something that you like. Keep trying until you find something. Also, you don't have to go to a gym for everything. YouTube has a wealth of workout class videos. While it's different from an in class experience, it is a nice way to save money and gives you more flexibility to do a class whenever you choose.

6. Have some quiet time. This is especially important for introverts who just need some time to themselves.

7. Have some friend time and/or family time. Maybe meeting up with a friend for coffee or just chatting on the phone with your mom or sister. 

8. Make a list of small wins and accomplish them. I can't remember where I read this - I believe it was in an interview with someone on a Jess Lively podcast. As soon as I find it, I will be sure to credit it. Anyway, they had this incredible idea. Each day, they create a list of 3-5 "small wins". That is, small steps that you have to take in order to reach your long term goals. It's important, though, that all of these things are doable. No more just making a to-do-list without scratching everything off. These small, but important and doable wins are ways to keep you focused on both the details and the big picture. Plus, you will feel super accomplished after completing the list.

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