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First Aerial Yoga Class

Aerial Yoga

I have wanted to try aerial yoga for quite some time now. My friend Lauren is basically a pro - so I decided to ask if we could visit her favorite studio while I visited her over the weekend.

It was such a cool experience, although definitely a challenging one. It was a bit nerve-wrecking to trust all of your weight being supported by what appears to be a large ribbon hanging down from the ceiling - but the at the beginning of the class, we were allowed to test it out and encouraged by the teacher to trust. It got easier as the class went on, and you feel more confident with the moves. The poses where I was hanging upside down were definitely the most nerve-wrecking, but also among the coolest. I definitely will be going back!

 If you are intrigued and want to try aerial yoga, here are a few tips for your first class:

1. I'd recommend taking a few basic yoga classes first, although this isn't absolutely necessary by any means. 2. Wear a t-shirt or something with sleeves. This will help you avoid pinching under your arms which can be pretty painful. 3. Don't wear anything with zippers. 4. Definitely take a water bottle. I was almost oddly thirsty throughout the entire class - something that is unusual for me. 

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