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Welcome to my blog. Here you'll find posts about my home, my knitting projects, and my travels.

Blog Inspiration & Design Board

A Detailed Palette was started in June of 2014, after much back and forth. I debated about whether or not people would care about whatever I wanted to write about, but I also felt that I needed a creative outlet. While I am lucky enough to write as my primary job, the subject matter remains focused and inflexible. I wanted a place where I could write about whatever was on my mind. While most of the content I write has a design slant, there's nothing limiting me to just that topic, and I love (and needed) that freedom.

So when 2015 approached, I knew that I wanted to make it my goal to not only, you know, tell people I was actively blogging on my personal time every day about a wide variety of topics that interested me, but I also wanted to make more of an effort to really make this blog an inspirational, bright, creative and relatable resource for others.

The first step I took was to sign up for Lauren Felix's Social Media with Style workshop. It has already been such a huge help, and I feel confident recommending it to anyone else who is looking to create a blog or even a small business/brand. She knows her stuff, is incredibly friendly, and just has some really great "assignments" that have made me focus and get my stuff together.

As part of this workshop, I've worked on putting together what I think defines my brand in terms of colors, images, textures, and fonts - or my blog inspiration board, if you will. I thought I would share this little brand board today, and I would love to hear feedback!

A Detailed Palette Brand Board

The images featured on the board above are my own (excepting two, which are stock images).  And yes, that is my dog. :) 

A quick note on design boards, inspiration boards, mood boards, or whatever you want to call them: I think it's a step that is often overlooked, but actually incredibly powerful. Incorporating these boards during the planning process (when you have time) of nearly anything can really help to make sure that everything is cohesive and on point. Plus, they are so much fun to do!

I've seen design boards for bedrooms, weddings, events, and now blogs - give it a try! You don' have to be a graphic designer - use free, easy-to-use tools like picmonkey to create your own.


xo - Rachel

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