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How & Why You Should Add Plants

I am going to tell you that you should have at least one plant in your home. Preferably more, but we'll start slow. Why? Plants are incredible; they are shown to boost both our moods and our productivity levels, and they add such a nice, natural look. Some plants can even help purify the air of your home.

You don't have to have a green thumb. A lot of people are intimidated by plants, thinking that they are difficult to care for. While some plants are more demanding and require high maintenance, others are quite easy to take care of with very little effort. So without further ado, here are some low maintenance plants you should consider adding to your space.

Air Plants

Air plants via A Beautiful Mess

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These plants don't require soil so they are basically the craziest/coolest things ever. These make wonderful additions to homes with a modern feel. These plants are also pretty versatile in how they can be stored, adding a whole new decor element as well. You can really get creative with how you display these. When it comes to care, know that you will have to soak these plants in water for about 25 minutes on a weekly basis. When they are once again dry, you can then return them to their homes. These homes should have access to bright, but indirect light. 




There are many varieties of this plant, but they are all relatively easy to care for. I have Heart Leaf Philodendrons in my own home (pictured above), and they add so much with their cascading leaves. This is by far my favorite plant; place it where it will get moderate light - avoid direct, intense sunlight. You don't have to water these too often either. I water mine about once a week or if I realize I haven't watered them in a while; like I said, very low maintenance. Another great way to implement this plant is either on a mantel or on top of bookcase; the cascading leaves make for a beautiful effect from higher areas. Best of all, this plant can easily be incorporated into just about any style you've got going on.

Small Potted Cacti

These are perfect additions for very eclectic spaces. They are also infamously easy to take care of, as their watering needs are minimal. Ensure that cacti get plenty of light - placement near a window in a kitchen or an office might be ideal so long as it is out of the way - you don't want to get pricked!

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