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Trending Tuesday: Furniture Trends

I've decided to create a new series on this blog... so I'm introducing Trending Tuesdays! For this series, I'll be talking about some current furniture & home design trends that are inspiring me. Here are the trends for today:

Pendant Lighting

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Pendant lighting, especially in metallic tones, is incredibly popular in the kitchen, and for good reason. These light fixtures add instant visual interest to kitchen spaces. I'd love to add these to my kitchen, but as I rent, it's not really an options. I've seen these being used above islands, breakfast nooks, and dining tables - all great uses.

Top Heavy Desks

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These desks are all about that base – or lack thereof. These designs are really eye-catching and immediately give your office space a refreshed, modern vibe that can still blend in with other design elements. It's not too modern and it certainly isn't traditional – instead, it's just the right mix. This desk would be especially ideal for an eclectic space with Mid Century Modern elements.

Thin Frame Lounge Chairs

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With a light, airy design, these lounge chairs can really open up your space while providing sturdy, stylish seating. I really love these, but they won't fit in seamlessly just anywhere. These need to be incorporated to an already modern space.


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