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DIY Tutorial - Making a State Shaped Magnet

Wisconsin Magnet

I've been wanting a Wisconsin state magnet for some time so I decided to make one using some oven bake clay, some paint, a hot glue gun and some basic magnets.

Materials for DIY Magnet

Materials: 1. A print out of your state 2. A nail file or exacto-o knife (basically something sharp that you can use to shape the clay.) 3. oven bake clay 4. Magnets 5. Hot glue gun (to secure the magnet to the back of the clay.) 6. Paint + a paintbrush

Start by getting enough clay and rolling it flat. I just used my hands as my clay was easy to flatten and work with. Once you have the clay to a size that is large enough to accommodate your state print out, lay the paper over the clay.

Use the nail file or exacto knife to shape the clay. Just poke through the paper, following the outline as if you are tracing.

DIY State Magnet - WI

Once you have shaped the clay to look like your state of choice, it's time to bake it! It should be baked for 15 minutes at 275 degrees.

DIY Oven Bake Magnet - Wisconsin Magnet

Once it's baked and cooled, you can paint it! Choose any color you'd like. After the paint has dried (consult whichever paint you use to know how long that will take), you can hot glue the magnet onto the back of your state.

Wisconsin DIY Magnet Tutorial

And viola! A super easy way to make your own state magnet and show your state pride!

DIY WI Magnet

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