Why You Should Have Valentine's Day Traditions

Why we all should love Valentine's Day

February has begun!  And with that, we have another holiday in our midst - Valentine's Day! There is just something about Valentine's Day that seems to be quite polarizing isn't there? Namely, the traditional reasoning for such is that single people detest it, decry that it's a "greeting card holiday", while those who are in a couple seem to love it, because you know, they can celebrate it.

But let's be real; you do not, and never have needed, a significant other to celebrate Valentine's Day. I promise that it is not a requirement. All that you need to celebrate Valentine's Day is to do something to treat yourself. Yes, like Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec. I think everyone should celebrate Valentine's Day, regardless of what type of situation they may be in. Seriously, do it; whether single, married, dating, just dumped yesterday, whatever. Do it. And namely, start your OWN Valentine traditions. Every other holiday has traditions- why not Valentine's Day? Let's fix this.

My tradition? I watch Pride and Prejudice and eat a gigantic cupcake. That's it. It is simple, doesn't cost too much, and it's something I can do in my pajamas. I have been doing this for YEARS. I have done this alone, with friends, and with my boyfriend. And every year, without fail, it's amazing. It's something that I look forward to.

Ideally, Valentine's Day is all about love. So do what you love! That might be going to a fancy dinner with your husband or wife, hanging out and drinking with friends, or it might be watching Pride and Prejudice by yourself.