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Styling A Coffee Bar or Coffee Corner

How to Style A Coffee Corner & Coffee Cart

I really, really love coffee. Its something that still surprises me. I never used to drink it at all, even though I always liked the smell. Whenever I would try it, it just tasted too bitter. This was before I realized that many people add a dash of sugar or a splash of milk. It wasn't until after college that I tried drinking coflfee with a bit of milk, and I loved the taste and the boost of energy that it gave me,

My boyfriend loves coffee even more than I do. That all said, we definitely wanted and needed to have a nice little corner of our kitchen to be dedicated to brewing coffee.

Coffee Corner Styling, via A Detailed Palette

Tips for styling a coffee corner or coffee bar of your  own:

Placement - I have seen so many coffee carts that are styled perfectly - and then I realize that there is no way they are functional at all, because there is no outlet and no cords to be seen. Be sure to place your coffee corner or cart near an outlet.

Coffee Maker - an essential part of any coffee bar or coffee corner. We've got an aeropress (it's the first object on the left) - it makes a pretty incredible cup of coffee.

Bean grinder - We shop for whole bean coffee. I am convinced it tastes better. Therefore, we have this handy, sleek bean grinder for when it comes time to brew.

Coffee Bean Storage - This isn't totally necessary, as you can just store the coffee bags or display them.  We do really love this coffee canister though, and it holds quite a lot of coffee beans!

Filters - every coffee maker needs filters! We prefer to have these neatly organized and easily accessible, instead of having to dig through a cupboard.

Tray/Cutting Boards - Not only are these cutting boards really pretty, they also add a lot of functionality. As we only had room for these items in a corner, the cutting boards allow us to easily move the items forwards or backwards, depending on what we need at the moment. One is for tea and the other has all of the essentials for coffee. You can also use a tray as well, although I find that the cutting board moves more smoothly.

Tea Pot + Tea - I am use a big tea drinker and wanted it to be included as well. I used the puzzle piece cutting board for this section.

Cream + Sugar + other - While we very rarely add sugar to our coffee, we still keep it out, just in case guests want to use it.

Decorative elements - I'd recommend at least one decorative element that enhances the look, but still matches it. I chose a clear flower vase with a wooden flower - the flower vase was originally a limoncello bottle from Sorrento, Italy and the wooden flower is a gift that I received a long time ago. However, the decorative elements can be anything you want - maybe even decorative mugs on a rack.

Having a full-fledged coffee cart is also always an option if you have the room, as you can see below.

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