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Subscription Boxes and DIY Kits

List of subscription boxes and DIY Kits that I want to try - via A Detailed Palette

I wrote previously about the yarnbox subscription. And while I loved the yarn that I received, the box (which I had for three months) was actually pretty costly, so I decided not to renew it. I've been looking at some other options because I'd like to try something new... and to be honest, subscription boxes make for the best mail days ever. I've also been looking into some DIY starter kits. Here's what I've been finding:

Sincerely Louise DIY Kit

If you've never heard of Sincerely Lousie, you should definitely take a look at some of her work. I marvel at her talent all the time, and I constantly think about what great gifts her stuff would make for my nieces and nephews. I just discovered that she now offers starter kits for some of her most popular designs, which is really incredible. There are kits for a faux fox, faux hare, and a faux deer, and they are just the cutest things ever.

Price: one-time payment $55-$72

Calligraphy Starter Kit

I actually took a calligraphy "class" when I was 14 years old in eighth grade. Our teacher at the time showed us some of the basic strokes/moves/I don't know if there is a technical word for this. It was fun, but difficult. I remember not being particularly good at it. Anyway, I've wanted to learn more about it ever since then, but it just sort of got pushed to the side while friends and school took precedence. I've been thinking about it more, especially after teaching myself how to knit. I'd love to get this calligraphy starter kit. I actually follow the seller's account on Instagram, and I am always so inspired by everything that she creates.

Price: one-time payment $80 +

Ps: Free, online calligraphy class will be hosted by Scarlet and Gold, if you're interested!

Brit Kits

Anyone who follows this blog/knows me will then know that I love a good craft project. These are DIY kits, complete with all the tools that you'll need to complete them. I absolutely love the idea of no longer having to make craft emergency trips to Michael's, and I have been thinking about trying this for a while, but I am hesitant. The website ensures that there will be a variety of crafts, something that is both promising and terrifying, as I am not sure it would be "up my alley" each time.

Price: $20 per month - $240/year

Stitch Fix 

I have heard really good things about this from a friend who I know to be an extremely good dresser. The concept of Stitch Fix sounds really easy and fun; you define your style, set your budget (which is an awesome feature!), and then a personal stylist makes some clothing picks for you. The idea of a stylist doing anything for me makes me feel pretty important, which I am sure is what they are hoping to achieve. Basically, you pay $20 a month for the styling fee, and you'll receive 5 personalized items. You can try each item and then decide whether to send them back or buy the item. The $20 will go towards whatever you decide to buy, and there seems to be a pretty good discount involved as well.

Price: $20 per month for styling fee + more if you decide to buy clothing // $240 per year + possibility for more

PopSugar Box 

This one is a bit pricey compared to the other subscription on this list, but I've been told by another good friend that everything in the box is usually well over what you end up paying. One of her PopSugar boxes actually included a ring that retailed well over $100.  I've been considering it, due to the wide variety of products that the box could serve up.

Price: $40 per month // $480 per year

Have you guys tried any of these?  Which would you recommend/do you think is most worth the price?

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