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Affordable Home Decor Trends

Affordable Home Decor Trends - February - A Detailed Palette

While working in the office furniture industry may not be the most glamorous or "sexy" job in the world, (unless you get really amped about standing desks) I do really love certain perks of it.  

For those of you who do not know, my "day job" is writing about furniture. Specifically, office furniture; what it looks like, how it functions and how its design impacts the people who use it. That, of course, is a simplified version. Still, it's the core of my job. 

I have always loved interior design - and it's so interesting to see how often office furniture and commercial design trends overlap with home furniture trends.  With all of that said, I'd like to share a few of those trends that are my favorites due to their affordability, design, and function.


Geometric patterns: These patterns can help you add more visual interest to any space.  A great way to incorporate this trend, as you have probably seen everywhere, is by adding throw pillows and rugs with geometric patterns into your space. Popular patterns that I really like include the cambridge pattern and the geometric framing, as seen on the throw pillow above.

Candle tins: These ones from Illume are my absolute favorites, and they smell incredible. They are soy candles in a decorative tin - the perfect decor that is both beautiful and functional.

Tripod lamps: These usually aren't too affordable, but this one is on sale!  I have been eyeing it up for a long time - still trying to convince my boyfriend that it's a good addition to our apartment. The tripod lamps are just really eye-catching a distinct with a vintage aesthetic. My boyfriend personally finds the tripod tables too vintage, but I think it perfectly hits the mark.

Wire frame coffee tables:  These pieces are incredibly trendy, and I see it continuing for quite some time. They provide the feel/illusion of more space - similar to white furniture, they just make your room feel larger, more airy. These are a little bit pricier, but all three of these are a pretty good deals when you consider the average price of furniture.

Copper mugs: I love these! They are perfect additions for anyone who wants to enjoy the occasional Moscow Mule. It's also important to consider that you can use them as decorative elements, not only as a glass. Using them as an impromptu vase or pot for a plant may work as well. Just as a heads up, some of these copper mugs may discolor over time due to oxidization.

Puzzle piece cutting boards: How cool are these? Such a great idea - and it makes it super easy for these to double as both cutting boards and fun, impromtu serving trays.

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