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Budget Friendly Tips for a Cozy Bedroom

Budget Friendly Tips for a Cozy Bedroom

You guys, I am still in the process of updating our bedroom. I've made some progress, (as you can see above) but I have found that it can be tricky to do a lot at once when you're on a pretty strict budget, and you don't want to sacrifice quality, and you're trying to appease two people with different styles (those two people being myself and my boyfriend).

So while our bedroom isn't complete just yet, I did want to share some things that I have found to be helpful while trying to meet all three of the criteria above.

Change Your Bedding to Suit the Seasons

I know that this may not sound budget-friendly, but in the long run, it most certainly is, as it actually helps each sheet set last a bit longer. You know, since you're giving it a break. We have crisp, white microfiber sheets (to suit me - I really wanted white sheets) for the summer. I got the set at Wayfair, and they are incredibly lightweight and breathe very well, which is perfect for the summer temperatures. For the winter, flannel sheets are ideal if you live in a place like I do, where frigid wind chills, negative temperatures, and polar vortexes are all pretty common occurrences (Yaaaay, Wisconsin). The set that we have is heavier than your average cotton or microfiber sheets, and it is extremely cozy. It's also in plaid pattern, which my boyfriend loves, so we are both super happy with at least one sheet set. Compromise at it's finest. I found both sheet sets online at Wayfair during their daily deals - each set was heavily discounted, and I paid about $25 for each. Unfortunately, each set is now nowhere to be found on the site, but I highly recommend keeping an eye on the site (and others like Overstock) for good deals. A quick note on flannel sheets: it's not the thread count that matters for these sheets (as opposed to microfiber). Instead, it's a fabric rating, and it's recommended to look for one with a rating of 5 ounces or 6 ounces for every yard.

Find Unique & Affordable Throw Pillows on Etsy & Society6

Throw pillows are my favorite. These shops offer some really affordable options that are more unique than what you'll find at other stores. Plus, you'll be supporting some very cool small businesses. When it comes to shape, size, and color, personal preference is really going to be key, but I do recommend having at least one throw pillow or throw blanket with contrasting texture. This could be be an incredibly fluffy pillow, a cable knit blanket, a faux fur blanket, or even a pillow with tassels or fringe. It adds visual interest and makes sure that your bed isn't going to look bland. Adding texture is especially important if you're going with neutral colors.

Don't Be Afraid to Buy Affordable Throw Pillows You Don't Like

That probably sounds odd - what I mean to say is that if you happen to come across a not so pretty pillow that is being sold for an incredibly affordable price, say around $5 or less, you should buy it. You can easily find a cover for it that you love for a really affordable price or you can even make your own.

Choose Calming Colors

Not only will this make your bedroom feel more relaxing, but it's also bound to be the best budget choice, at least for myself. I tire of bold, bright colors and crazy, busy patterns after a while. For me, basics seem to have a more lasting appeal. Of course, still choose colors you like - just consider how long you'll like the design/hue/pattern.

Basics Don't Have to Be Pricey

For basics like furniture, never underestimate Ikea, craigslist, and hand-me-downs, even something that isn't perfectly suited to your tastes; you can always paint it and change out the hardware in a very budget-friendly way to make it ideal, so long as the quality is there. Be sure to ask friends and family if they have an extra piece of furniture that's going unused. I cannot emphasize how many times I have found great items on Craigslist. It does take a lot of searching and some time to wait for the right piece, but it is usually well worth it.



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