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Top Reads of January and February

One of the goals that I set at the beginning of 2015 was to read 50 books. I've made some progress on this, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite reads so far from both January and February.

How to Be A Heroine, Or What I Learned From Reading Too Much by Samantha Ellis

This is non-fiction and technically a memoir, I guess, but it reads as easily as fiction, mostly because there is so much about fiction in it. It is incredibly interesting to see how main heroines like Lizzy Bennett, Scarlett O'hara, and even Anne Shirley impact the author's life. I loved this book - it also shows how much you can have in common with someone who has a completely different background. I really identified with Ellis in how she read these books and how she interpreted each character... although I will admit that I did not like Wuthering Heights or Cathy Earnshaw at all, while Ellis loves both.

Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women who Created Her by Melanie Rehak

Yes, you probably won't be interested in this one bit if you aren't a Nancy Drew fan. But if you are, I highly recommend it. I was largely unaware of the history of the series, and this book provided a really interesting look into the creation and publication of one of my absolute favorite series from my childhood.

Eames: Beautiful Details by Eames Demetrios

Ray and Charles Eames are most famous for some of truly iconic furniture pieces. You've probably seen a few of these designs, like the Eames Lounger or maybe even the molded fiberglass Eames Chair. Ray and Charles also did a lot of other work as well, including artwork and films. This book is mostly beautiful pictures, but it certainly gives you a much better idea of the talent and work that both Ray and Charles achieved.

A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Finally, fiction!  I loved this novel. It follows various characters, switches viewpoints, and experiments in story telling, but ultimately offers a connected and complete narrative with music a theme that seems to be on every page. I highly recommend it!


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