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Emily's Bedroom Design Board

My friend Emily is moving into a new place in March. There are two reasons I bring this up: 1. She'll be much closer, meaning that we won't have to drive very far at all (YAY!) and 2. She's asked me to help her create "a real adult apartment". As you can guess, I am really excited to be helping, and, after Emily picked out the bedding and the color palette, I've been working on a little design + mood board for the bedroom.

Whether you are starting out fresh (like moving somewhere new or renovating) or you're just looking to refresh, the first step should always be establishing a color palette. When doing this, think balance; as with all things, moderation is key. You don't want it to be too bright or bold – chances are you'll get tired of it pretty quickly, even if you love it straight away. That said, I advise against all neutrals. While I love neutrals, a space without any color can feel a bit cold and maybe even boring if the right texture mix isn't happening.

Now to the design board!

Emily's Bedroom Design Board via A Detailed Palette

Bedding, tripod lamp, and throw blanket are from Wayfair. The dresser and the nightstands are from West Elm. The print is from Etsy.

I am sure there will be differences in the final outcome, depending on what is available and what Emily really likes, but hopefully we can pull off something similar that she loves with a small budget.

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