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Spring Fashion Trends to Try

Spring is here! While not totally official, I am still declaring it loudly and boldly, hoping that Mother Nature leaves me be and continues to be meek and mild. I've been in the process of some serious spring cleaning, mostly focusing on my closet and getting rid of what I no longer wear. Turns out, there's quite a lot of it. The clothing purge is definitely opening up some room in my wardrobe, and I've decided to take a look at investing in some classic pieces while also trying out some new and affordable spring trends that I love.


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I guess I never thought I would like jumpsuits, but I've been wrong before and I am wrong once again. I love this look. I also love the idea and ease of just throwing on what is essentially a stylish onsie. With jumpsuits, gone is the need to pick out bottom and tops! It's the lazy woman's dream, and I can't believe I've fought this for so long. This jumpsuit is currently on sale at Shabby Apple.

Soft pinks

I know there are many other color trends, but most of them just aren't for me. Soft pink, though… sign me up!

Power Flats

J Crew Black Loafer Power Flats via A Detailed Palette

I am not the best with high heels. It's totally my own fault – I rarely wear them so then I feel like a fawn learning to walk when I do. This feeling then makes me never want to wear them. And again the vicious cycle continues. I wish I was more able to pull them off. Maybe I just haven't found the right pair. So I typically stick with flats, but I have found that I have to be really careful with these in terms of how they look. Certain ones just make me look … well, dowdy. In a not-so-cute grandmotherly way. I've found that certain flat designs, often referred to as POWER FLATS (which I love so much, by the way) eliminate all dowdy factor and keep me comfortable/walking securely. I just got these J. Crew loafers. Best choice.

Scallop shorts

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When it comes to shopping, I have my item trifecta; it must be cute, it must be comfortable and fit me well, and it must be applicable, meaning that it matches something else in my closet and I can actually wear it, given what my lifestyle is (aka going to work and bumming at my house and with my friends). It's the basis on which I judge all purchases and how I judge something is worth the price, whether it's $15 or $200. Shorts, regardless of where I shop, very rarely complete the trifecta. But I have really, really high hopes for this pair from Woodbury Lane. That scallop design is bound to look great on anyone's legs.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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