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Furniture Crush Friday: Jory Brigham Designs

Apparently, there was a furniture design competition on Spike TV called Framework. I meant to watch some episodes, but naturally forgot and got caught up in other projects and, let's be honest, other shows (*cough* Orphan Black *cough*). I seemed to have missed out by not watching it though. Turns out, a furniture designer named Jory Brigham won the competition (sorry for the spoiler!) and now has a deal with CB2. I don't know what his competition looked like on the TV show, but oh my gosh, this furniture is just gorgeous.

Jory Brigham Designs

I'll take one of these, please and thank you!

So what do you think? Drooling like me? There's just the right level practicality, function and mid-century modern elements for my tastes. And while none of his pieces are remotely affordable now, I am really intrigued to see what his stuff for CB2 looks like. Major furniture crush right now – can we make that a thing? #FurnitureCrushFriday

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