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Welcome to my blog. Here you'll find posts about my home, my knitting projects, and my travels.

Life Lately

I recently saw this blog format on a few blogs that I have been reading, and I thought it would make for a nice little Friday Update.

Making: A cable knit baby blanket for my future nephew.

ReadingThe Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss (a very talented writer from Stevens Point, WI!)

Thinking: about opening up an Etsy shop.

Drinking: water. Lots and lots of water. And coffee from Colectivo.

Writing: blog posts and working on a story all my own - 4,000 words so far.

Bookmarking: great yoga workouts and tips for meditation.

Marveling: at people who can do yoga headstands. One day!

Hoping: for no more snow!

Pinning: great furniture finds and classic designs like this Eames Chair.

Loving: my dog, my boyfriend, and our little Kensington apartment.

Obsessing: over the new fantasy series that I am reading (The Kingkiller Chronicles).

Giggling: Over everything that Tina does on Bob's Burgers.

Feeling: Happy that the Badgers Basketball team is advancing on to the Elite Eight.

Disliking: the plastic that's still covering my windows in effort to keep in heat.

Wearing: my new wardrobe capsule, especially this new striped shirt from Lizzibeth

Admiring: the talent I see on the web and on instagram from designers, writers, bloggers, and knitters.

Playing: fetch with my dog Reggie.

Planning: an amazing summer filled with concerts and time with friends.

Building: up my endurance and speed with my training.

Trying: to stick to my half marathon training schedule.

Dreaming: about revisiting England with the lovely Lauren.

Pondering: new color choices for the guest bedroom.

Needing: a new planner... considering a passion planner, but they are out of stock. Thoughts?

Enjoying: puppy cuddles and wonderful scented candles from Manly Indulgence.

Waiting: for my 2nd nephew to be born in April!

Wondering: how my sister can work 10 hour days, be an incredible mom, AND train for our half marathon in May. She's such an inspiration

Wishing: For a vacation to the Grand Tetons and Prince Edward Island.

Cooking: my new favorite dish that Andy and I are calling rice bowls: ground turkey + taco seasoning, avocado, brown rice, tomatoes, and a dash of cheese into one bowl of deliciousness

Liking: the fact that it is almost the weekend.

Noticing: the first glorious signs of spring.

Watching: Orphan Black.

Opening:  new gallon of chocolate milk - my absolute favorite

Wanting: to learn calligraphy and more about photography. 

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