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Home Design Trends I'd Rather Avoid

Design Trends I am Avoiding via A Detailed Palette

Let me just say that I am not trying to rain on anyone's parade or being a total Negative Nancy. If you love the trends below and they work for you, that's awesome. These are just some trends I've noticed recently that I'll be avoiding.

Log Filled Fireplaces

I am not totally sure what is going on with this trend, but I have seen it everywhere; filling fireplaces with logs, in the pattern seen above. It's clearly meant to be decorative, as it renders the fireplace unusable. Maybe the fireplace was already unusable, and this was just a creative solution to make it stand out more. I don't have a fireplace, but I'd still avoid this trend. While it does add texture, it often stands out - and it's just not something that I would want to make as the statement piece of the room.

Antlers and Taxidermy

My parents are big hunters - I am from Wisconsin, after all. Growing up, my parents had a few of their deer antlers and even one deer taxidermy head on display on our living room walls. It wasn't done to be decorative, ironic, or even as a cute stand-out piece on a gallery wall. It was done to showcase sportsmanship. Only the prized racks (sets of antlers) and bucks were displayed. Having taxidermy in my childhood home had absolutely nothing to do with decor - it was to showcase a passion for hunting. I myself don't have that same passion as my parents. It's also undeniably rustic, expected and fitting naturally in some areas, like log cabins or a home belonging to hunters. It's expected there. To say that the unexpectedness of the decor in other spaces is bad just isn't true - it just means that it can be a bit more difficult to add it in a way that feels right. For example, I feel that adding antlers and taxidermy pieces into a modern-eclectic/mid-century modern space, which is definitely how I'd define my own style preferences, would be a challenging project that I would not delight in.  For those reasons, I don't and will not have any antlers or taxidermy in my own home.

All White Kitchens

I'm a firm believer that every room needs some contrast to keep things interesting; any room in all one color would probably lack that vital contrast. While white is a great color to design with, I don't think I could ever have it be my only option. I've seen a lot of designs that will try to correct this by adding cute colored bowls, accents, and maybe even gorgeous cutting boards. Sometimes, this does help balance things out a bit – but I think a more permanent feature, like different colored counter tops or maybe vibrant backsplash, is needed.  These kitchens also seem a tad impractical, as I imagine that they'd be even more difficult than your typical kitchen when it comes to keeping things clean.

Rugs in Kitchens

This is one that I probably feel too strongly about. If you want the plush feel of carpet under your feet as you stand in your kitchen, that is totally your call and I will support you. But, oh my goodness, I don't think I could handle the fear of spilling on the rug (especially when they are so pricey!) and the rug collecting crumbs. It would inevitably happen in my own kitchen – no doubt about it. Any rug placed in my kitchen would be beyond grody in less than a month. I'm a messy baker, and Andy and I have both been known to spill coffee from time to time.

All of this said, if you love these trends and think they'll add to your home, go for it! I am not here to say that these trends are bad or wrong. Home design and decor is much too subjective for that - which is why I love it so much!

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