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Ideas to Spring-igfy Your Space

While I am not so bold to say that spring is here, as it only just started to be nice here in Milwaukee, I do think that it's certainly on its way is BEYOND welcome news. I'm always ready for the change in seasons when the time comes, and I feel like it's especially true for winter because it is just soooo long in the Midwest. So in preparation for Spring (when the muddy first days have gone, of course), I thought I'd put together this list of how I plan to spring-ify my space.

Add Fresh Flowers

Is there anything more decorative that a vase of fresh flowers? I love having fresh flowers no matter what the season, but there is something especially fitting to have bouquets in the house during spring.


There's a reason spring cleaning is a thing, and now is the best time to do it. Clean out closets, donate clothes, get organized, and switch over wardrobes. I don't know about you, but I am really excited to give my cable knit sweaters a break and starting hanging up my spring and summer clothes.

Deep Clean

I did this it this past weekend - scrubbing floors with pine sol and wondering how on earth my dog could shed so much. I especially recommend this if you have wood floors and/or a pet of any kind. To be honest, I am probably going to have to do this again, as spring is an infamously muddy season, and only some of the snow here as started to melt. I'm okay with it, though, because the floors took a beating this winter, no matter how much swiffer-ing I did. Nothing compares with a good floor scrub.

Wash Or Swap Out Entry Rugs

My entry rug took a beating this winter, as it always does. I purposefully buy an inexpensive rug for winter and the beginning days of spring, and I'll swap it out when I feel pretty confident that the muddiest days of the seasons are behind us. I've had my eye on a few affordable, fun options for summer that I'll be sharing later this week.

Here's to hoping spring comes out in full force soon!

-Xo, Rachel

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