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Spring Dresses for Easter

When I was a child, having a dress for Easter was necessary. It's a tradition that has sort of fallen by the wayside over the years, but I am going to be bringing it back this year. A few weeks ago, I found a gorgeous dress  from J. Crew that I know can play double duty as both an Easter dress and as a dress for the upcoming wedding season. I might even wear it to the Kentucky Derby Party. You can find the dress hereI am pretty excited to wear it because it fit so well, and I love the scalloped details. I've been kind of crazy about the scallop detailing lately. I also debated about whether or not to get this dress, but ultimately went with the other as I already have so much black and white in my wardrobe. Thinking it was probably the best choice.

Anyway, here are some other bright, fun, and springy dresses that are perfect for Easter and any weddings that you've got to attend in the near future.

I just love the cheerful colors! I really, really love the yellow Maggy London dress and probably would have bought it if not for my capsule wardrobe challenge. It would be a perfect dress for a Kentucky Derby party - just pair it with a big white hat. Now, here's to hoping it's wonderfully warm out this weekend so that I don't freeze! :)

-xo, Rachel



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