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Friday Favorites: Chatsworth House

Before I left to study abroad in England during my junior year of college, there were a few places I knew that I had to see. One of those places was Chatsworth House. It was important to me and I wanted to see it because of its appearance in the 2005 movie version of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley and Matthew McFayden and directed by Joe Wright. Chatsworth House, an English country home, was actually used for all of the Pemberley scenes in the movie.

 I obviously had to take a picture with Chatsworth House. I think Jane Austen would approve.

I obviously had to take a picture with Chatsworth House. I think Jane Austen would approve.

It's an old family estate in England, surrounded by idyllic country side. I took a bus there with my friend Heidi, and we saw everything you'd expect to see while making our way there, rolling green hills, old stone fences, old stone homes, and sheep... so many sheep.

English Countryside on the way to Chatsworth House via A Detailed Palette

I've recently been thinking more about Chatsworth House as its showcasing a new furniture exhibition called "Make Yourself Comfortable" that looks incredibly cool.

Image via DWELL

The modern furniture looks so out of place - but in one of the coolest ways I have ever seen. I never would have thought to exhibit modern seating in this space, but the unexpectedness of it all works wonderfully. The exhibit starts April 24 and you can find more information at the Chatsworth House websiteI so wish that I could be in England for this! If you ever get the chance to visit this house, do it. Even if you aren't a Pride and Prejudice fan, but especially if you are - the house is exquisitely beautiful with the most gorgeous details and designs. There's also even some wonderfully kept grounds and gardens surrounding the estate - just like Mr. Darcy's Pemberley.

Here are some of my own shots of the inside of Chatsworth House

Gallery Wall in Chatsworth House via A Detailed Palette

And to think we all thought that gallery walls were a new trend all this time! And take a look at this color palette and the engravings on those side chairs. I also fell in love with this chandelier. While it wasn't the largest chandelier in the house, I thought it was the one that was the most cheerful.

Chatsworth House via A Detailed Palette

The main entrance of the house which can also be seen from a different angle in the picture from the exhibit. How is that for a grand entrance though? Could you imagine living here?!

Chatsworth House Library via A Detailed Palette

The above picture showcases the part of the Chatsworth House Library. What I would give to have my own private library that is this beautiful! The bookcases were also incredibly stocked with some solid British Literature. There were several volumes of Milton and a few copies of Paradise Lost

Chatsworth House Statue Room from Pride and Prejudice movie via A Detailed Palette

Other Pride and Prejudice movie viewers may recognize this room! It's featured prominently in the movie. It was way smaller in person. And before you ask, I didn't see the Darcy bust, although that one does kind of look like it in the photo.

Now let's all go to England for the weekend, mkay?

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

-xo, Rachel

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