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Baby Blanket Reveal: 5 Stages of Knitting a Baby Blanket

It seems that I always underestimate how long knitting a baby blanket will actually take. I like to think that there are five stages to knitting a baby blanket.

Stage 1 involves joy and excitement, mostly about the baby being born, but also because it means I have a legitimate reason to buy new yarn. While I certainly do not always need a legitimate reason to buy yarn, it does feel extra nice when it exists. I shop for a bit, and I find yarn with the perfect color and the perfect softness and everything is right in my knitting world.

Stage 2 could probably be categorized as a stage of unbridled optimism. I am confident that I'll get the baby blanket done with time to spare. After all, I am starting it so early. I have all of the time in the world! Stage 3 begins as I realize that I don’t, in fact, have all of the time in the world. Stage 3 consists of frenzied knitting in a desperate attempt to catch up. I really, really don’t want this to be finished after the baby is born. I want it already done and complete. It needs to be finished on time for the baby shower! It MUST BE! A few stitches are dropped and promptly picked back up in this stage. It is perhaps the most intense stage of the process, at least for me personally.

The next phase, Stage 4, is marked by resigned acceptance that I won’t be finishing the blanket on time. And it’s fine, whatever, I just want this thing to be done! Finally, Stage 5 is just simple and pure gratitude that it’s complete. Late? It matters not! Look at this beautifully crafted blanket!

I’m at Stage 5 right now, and I am happy to be here! This blanket is for my new nephew, Andrew.

Baby Blanket via A Detailed Pallete
Knitted Baby Blanket in Light Blue via A Detailed Palette

I actually added a bit of fringe at the end, thinking it needed just a little something else. The pattern did not call for this, but I think it looks nice.

I followed a  free pattern, but updated it a little bit, as you can see from the picture. It is a very similar project to my last baby blanket.

I’m going to be entering Stage 1 over the weekend yet again! One of my best friends from college is expecting… and I need to knit this future bundle of joy EVERYTHING.  Here’s the pattern I will be attempting via Knittikins.

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