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Friday Favorites: Links and Mother's Day

Happy Friday to all, and to all a happy Friday!

Can we just marvel at the fact that it is MAY already? Seriously. This year is flying! 

But now on to my Friday Favorites. Here are a few things that I found share-worthy this week:

I just love this house tour. Such a seamless blend of styles to create one that is indeed beautifully unique. I feel like personality just shines through this whole place, and I love it. I also really adore how she plays with color. There’s a lot of pink, maybe too much for my own tastes, but it never feels busy or boring – just perfectly colorful, vibrant, and happy. What a lovely space! Also her note on style (“I don’t subscribe to a particular style – I go with my gut most of the time.”) pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about my own home design.

Photos from Jenna Kutcher from the Mint and Lovely Studio Workshop are in! I apologize if you follow me on instagram... because then you have probably already seen these shots.  Hopefully, the arrangements are pretty enough that you don't mind seeing them yet again.






So there is me with my flowers and my always messed up hair part. I don't know how I do it, but always manage to mess up my hair part throughout the day. One of my odd quirks I guess. But Jenna Kutcher, who is not only incredibly sweet, but also an extraordinary photographer,  still managed to make me look quite good. Kate, my partner in crafting, looks gorgeous as usual. It was so fun to pose for these photos!

Speaking of flowers, if you haven't gotten any Mother's Day gifts just yet, don't underestimate the power of spring bouquet! Here are a few other picks:

Some fancy chocolate from Indulgence Chocolatiers. Such great chocolate! Definitely worth the extra cost, too, with the sea salt milk chocolate.

Does your mom love lilacs? Mine does! These handmade, soy candles from Big White Yeti on Etsy smell AMAZING and are very long-lasting. 

Illume candles are also another favorite. I love their scents and their decorative tins


Have a wonderful weekend!

-xo, Rachel

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