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Friday Favorites: Multi-Use Furniture

Happy Friday! We made it! I thought I would stick with the furniture theme for today, focusing on pieces that can be used in many different ways, depending on your needs in your home. Here are some of my favorites.

Sofa Tables: Can be used as accent tables, can be placed behind sofas, or they can also be used as an entry way table. Basically, just a great, versatile piece that can be used in so any ways to give added surface space to your home.

Ottomans: I am a firm believer that every home could be improved with an ottoman. While some double as a footrest and storage, these piece can also be incredibly decorative and act as temporary guest seating for guests.

Padded Benches: Whether at the foot of a bed, paired next to a dining table, or located in an entry way, these benches are great for additional seating and just offer a really great, unique look.

Coffee Tables with Storage – I'm not really sure what to call these – openable coffee tables? Still I love this design from West Elm. This is pretty perfect for small apartment living. You don't have to skimp on surface space, but you still have some storage in an area that would have been just useless, dead space previously.

Dressers – While not traditionally considered "mutli-purpose", they really can wear a lot of hats and blend in seamlessly in many areas. Use the to store clothes, as a TV stand with media storage, or even as a side table with ample storage.

Have a fabulous weekend!

-Xo, Rachel

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