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May Reads

Still working towards my goal of reading 50 books this year!  Here are some picks that I am enjoying this month.

Reading List for May

The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss - It's a sequel to Name of the Wind and is part 2 (or technically day 2) of The Kingkiller Chronicles. I have been enjoying this a lot, especially since I have been making a pointed effort to NOT watch any Game of Thrones episodes anymore. Unfortunately, the TV series is not only caught up to the books for many characters, but is also deviating terribly. While the scale of the universe is different and much larger in A Song of Ice and Fire, I find myself really, really liking this other series... it's not better, just different in all of the best ways and maybe a touch more traditional in terms of the fantasy genre.

Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks - In a video where he talks about underrated books, John Green mentioned this one, and I have to say that the premise just sounded so crazy and weird that I had to check it out from the library. I actually just started, but it's already hilarious - all about a man who was dared to hitch-hike around Ireland.... with a fridge.

Dangerous Muse: The Life of Lady Caroline Blackwood by Nancy Schoenberger - I stumbled across this book in one of the free little libraries that are scattered all about Milwaukee and Shorewood. I honestly had no idea who Lady Caroline Blackwood was, but found the cover and the book back intriguing. It has proved to be incredibly interesting biography about someone who I had no idea existed. She actually led an vastly interesting life, with equal parts glamour (as the heiress to the Guinness fortune) and sorrow.

Home Updates Since Moving In

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