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Home Updates Since Moving In

I am a firm believer in decorating slowly. I also am usually limited by my budget anyway, which just further reinforces the idea. Still, there are moments when I get frustrated that everything isn’t done. I am sure I’m not alone in this. In those moments, I try to remember that the idea of having a finished and unchanging home isn’t very realistic anyway – there are bound to always be some changes and plans in the back of my mind. With all of that said, here are some updates that we’ve made since moving in and some additional updates that we will be making to our home, which I have since dubbed Kensington Place, embracing my old habit of naming everything (I blame Anne of Green Gables for this).

We previously had a rug from Wayfair that we really loved, but it was just too small in the living room. Still, I put off buying a new rug for a very long time because larger rugs are absurdly expensive. As far as I can tell, no one knows why this is the case, but I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to afford any rug in the size that I wanted for YEARS to come. Then I discovered RugsUSA and found the perfect rug for only $70 - when it usually runs about $250.00 for that size. So far this rug has been the perfect addition. The fact that it is flatwoven, something I was intentional about, means that it is easy to clean and that Reggie has left it alone – he tends to destroy rugs with any sort of lift. Now the gray Wayfair rug has been moved to our bedroom where it really adds a lot to the space and doesn't look too small or out of place.


As you can see below, the rug was way too small for the space, even thought it was a lovely rug.

Rachel and Andy's Apartment via A Detailed Palette

After: While it's a different angle, you can still get a great idea of how much larger and better suited this new rug is for the space.

New rug via A Detailed Palette

I actually only paid $40 for this chair since it was through a discounted sale at work. We've since taken these chairs off our site, but I found a similar version on Wayfair. My chair has arms though - I cannot seem to find the exact chair anywhere. Sadly, I totally broke the casters while transporting it, which means that I now have to replace those. I am patiently waiting for them to arrive and sadly they are costing me almost as much as what I paid for the used chair itself. Unfortunately, they are absolutely necessary for the chair, as it now sits at an awkward lean (only three of the casters made it out alive) which is why I didn't include a picture. While the arm placements are not ideal for my desk, I really do like this chair. It’s a great size for me, is pretty stylish as far as office chairs go, and I find the seat and back incredibly comfortable. I should say, though, that I only work from this desk chair maybe an hour or so every day, so I do not use it as intensively as some others would need to.

West Elm Duvet Cover

I love West Elm, but I very rarely can purchase anything from them without it being on sale. I get their emails and for this particular duvet cover, I waited until it was marked down A LOT before I purchased. Thankfully, West Elm had a huge bedding sale and I was able to take advantage of it. I recommend signing up for your favorite brands’ emails and even pinning some of their products that you’d buy if they were on sale. Most brands have “smart pins” in place, meaning that Pinterest will send you an email when an item that you have pinned goes on sale. It’s really nice if you’re trying to shop in a smart, budget-friendly way.

Rachel and Andy's bedroom via A Detailed Palette


Eames Inspired Chairs

I am so excited for these to arrive. Turns out that it is tough to find one of these independently – they seem to only be available in sets. While I only need one to be paired with my sewing table, I decided that getting another would be just fine and that I’d add it to the bedroom as a decorative piece/back up seating. You can find these just about anywhere too; Wayfair, Overstock, Lulu and Georgia. Obviously, these aren't Eames pieces, instead just inspired reproductions. If you want the real deal, the only manufacturers who can sell actual Eames (as far as I know) are Herman Miller, Vitra, and Design Within Reach. With the real designer name comes the real designer price tag as well. You can see what these chairs look like below... just know that this is not my apartment.

Eames Chairs via A Detailed Palette

Sewing Machine and Table

This has been a huge addition, and I am still playing around on the sewing machine. I am also so lucky that both the machine and the table were given to me as gifts!

This couch is on its way! We’ve been searching for a couch that we not only both liked, but also one that would fit through our tiny, tiny door frames and not destroy our budgets. This one, finally, meets all requirements. We have actually been searching since last July, when we couldn’t fit our old couch in the apartment – so finding this couch has almost been a whole year in the making! I am so excited for it to arrive and I hope it goes smoothly!

There are a lot of thing that I still want to do, but I am hoping to find even more budget friendly and creative ways to incorporate them. In the meantime, I'm having fun planning! Do you have any big plans for your home or apartment?

-xo, Rachel

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