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Life Lately: Furniture & Inspiration

The new plastic molded chairs arrived yesterday! One is in a previously unused corner, below a framed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. I actually quite like the placement, though I am going to place a throw pillow (still choosing between the throw pillows that Andy's mom has made) on the chair to  balance out the white and make the seat more comfortable.

Plastic Molded Chair via A Detailed Palette

The other chair thankfully fits perfectly at the sewing machine table. Now that I can work comfortably, I think it will be a much more pleasant experience trying to learn... even though I still seem to be having issues with the fabric scrunching up as I sew. If anyone has any idea what could be causing this, please comment with suggestions! Thank you ahead of time!

Sewing Room Setup via A Detailed Palette

Lastly, the casters finally arrived, so I have replaced the old broken ones. Now I can finally take a picture of the office chair without it being lopsided. 

Office Desk Setup via A Detailed Palette

What do you think of the new chairs in our space?

I've also been finding some really gorgeous pieces of inspiration lately that, although I certainly don't need, I'd like to share just because I found them incredibly unique and beautiful. I also won't be able to do a Furniture Crush Friday segment tomorrow, as I have another, more important post planned. So instead, it's going to be a part of today's post.

Here are two incredible pieces that I am loving right now. My sister has an almost exact version of this chair that she found at a garage sale - which means there are definite hopes of getting this look without the price that's attached. Still, One King's Lane is just a gorgeous brand. Is it weird that I think the cabinet could also even be used for craft storage?  Just an idea - using it for its intended purpose would also turn out wonderfully, too, I am sure. I really love the blue and all of the storage features that this cabinet has to offer. And the mirrors inside! Such a cool idea! Plus with this type of furniture, there would be no dusting off bottles and glasses - something that certainly cannot be said when talking about a bar cart.

I'll be drooling over those pieces for a long time, I am sure of it.

Have a fantastic Thursday!

-xo, Rachel

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Styling Tips for a Rental Kitchen