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One Year - Thank You!

One Year Blogging - Thank You via A Detailed Palette

Happy Friday!  A few of you may notice that this post is later than usual. It's because I used a vacation day today to have an extra long weekend... it was wonderful to sleep in today, and I hope a few of you out there got to do the same! :)

Now on to the important stuff. Tomorrow marks the day, you guys. On May 23rd, I will have been officially blogging at A Detailed Palette for a full year.

It’s incredibly crazy to me right now that it has been a full year, but then again, as I look back at that first post (and how infrequently I updated back then), I can see how far this blog has come.

Thank you, thank you and thank you for reading. It’s nice to see likes, read comments and just have people I know actually talk to me about this blog. While I am writing to have a creative outlet, I am so grateful that others are sharing it with me. The internet can be a really negative place – a place that can really drag you down. I wanted this to be the opposite; uplifting/cheerful, approachable, creative, and inspiring. I hope that I am at least hitting the mark on a few of those for all of you.

It can be kind of a nerve wrecking thing to create a blog. I went back and forth about starting one for a long time before this one was created. I even started with a book blog, but found myself losing interest in only talking about one area of my life.  It's a time-consuming hobby, and I worried about whether or not anyone would care about my thoughts on life, details, and design. I am really thankful and humbled that so many of you do!

Thank you again and have a lovely weekend.

-xo, Rachel

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